The paradox of Meghan's style: a recycled Erdem dress and a €150k diamond bracelet

Meghan Markle is unquestionably one of the best dressed women in the world even if she hasn’t quite mastered the art of balance.

Britain’s new Duchess of Sussex has been wearing a consistent display of flawless looks since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry and while her devotion to designers has been praised by fashion magazines, she’s also accused of being too flashy by some critics, myself included. The issue with Meghan’s style is not that it isn’t well put together, but that it lacks acknowledgement of occasion: ostentatious clothing has no place when you’re meeting people significantly less fortunate that you are – such as, at an event honouring carers or at a nursing home.

After months of incoming pressure, she seems to have taken at least one piece of advice and tried recycling, presumably in an attempt to endear herself more to the public. Her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, a millionaire-turned future queen consort, is seen as more down-to-earth thanks to her penchant for recycling and mixing British high street pieces with couture looks on occasion. So, Meghan’s decision to re-wear a floral ruffle Erdem dress for Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace yesterday was no coincidence.

Because royals are only photographed from inside their cars, photographers have only a quick second to grab ‘the shot’, in which case, Meghan strategically lifted her arm to show her sleeve and collar, with eagle-eyed royal watchers immediately remembering her 2016 turn on The Today Show wearing the same look. After months of unwavering criticism, it was a well choreographed decision, but subtlety has never been her strength.

Finishing off her pre-royal dress, were her mouth-watering diamond accessories. The total cost of her jewels, a Reflection de Cartier bracelet and her wedding earrings, from the Galanterie de Cartier collection, is in the hundreds of thousands of euro.

Her penchant for designer wear has been in place long before she met her husband Prince Harry, at least according to a new profile by Vanity Fair, which quotes a Hollywood source as saying she held a “Sayonara Zara” party and gave away her lower priced clothing her star was on the rise on Suits. At least it gives us something to talk about!

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