The Love Island stars who look unrecognisable compared to their time on the show – so can YOU tell who they are?

BY the end of every season of Love Island, it feels like we know the contestants better than we know ourselves.

Not only do we tune into the hour-long episodes every night for eight weeks but you'll also find us obsessively listening to the Morning After podcast to take our Islander knowledge to the next level.

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Since the UK version of Love Island started airing in 2015, the hit show has catapulted over 150 super-glam singletons to fame.

But after leaving the villa, some of the stars have tried their best to shed their Love Island image – and look completely unrecognisable now.

Before the new series starts again on Monday, here Fabulous takes a look at the Islanders who have a dramatically different look to their time on the show. So can YOU tell who they are?

Chyna Doll

Cast your mind back to 2017 and you'll remember this fashion stylist who entered the villa looking for love.

The Essex beauty sensationally coupled up with Kem Cetinay after he ditched Amber Davies – but in one of the show's most dramatic moments, the Dancing on Ice did a total U-Turn and got back with Amber.

Unfortunately for this contestant, she remained uncoupled and left the villa without finding her man – but went on to date Jonny Mitchell and Jordan Davies.

Any of this jog your memory? Spoilers below…

Although Chyna Ellis went into the villa with peroxide blonde locks, the former reality star is a fully-fledged brunette.

When asked how to describe herself before entering the villa, Chyna said: "I think my name for starters!

"When I was born I looked like a china doll so that’s why they called me that."

Get a Han-dle on this!

She was one of the original Islanders to appear on the show in 2015 – and there's no denying that she was super glam even back then.

The social media star – who boasts 417,000 followers – finished runner-up in the first season of Love Island and even got ENGAGED to ex-boyfriend Jon Clark in the villa.

However, the couple split a few months later and the contestant has since gone on to have a baby with YouTube star George Andreetti.

So have you worked out who it is yet? Read on to find out.

That's right, all Love island superfans will know from that short bio that we could only have been talking about Hannah Elizabeth.

Like Chyna Ellis, Hannah was a blonde bombshell in the villa – but these days, she's rocking darker brown hair.

Georgia on Our Minds

Before entering the villa in 2017, this reality star had previously done a stint on The Only Way is Essex – so it's hardly surprising she didn't struggle to make friends.

During her time on the show, this formerly blonde beauty coupled up with Sam Gowland.

Despite their sadness at leaving, the pair said they were happy to be leaving together – but split not long after.

Four years on, the star has swapped her short blonde hair for long brown locks – so can YOU tell who we're talking about?

 That's right, it's none other than Georgia Harrison.

Ahead of joining Love Island's saucy gang of singletons, she said her confidence, resilience and sense of humour would mark her out from the crowd.

She said: "I can’t think of anywhere better to try and do that than on a hot island with loads of good-looking, young people."

Mane Attraction

Back in 2018, this Scottish flight attendant set hearts racing when she entered the villa – and immediately set her sights on Wes Nelson.

But after he dramatically had this head turned by Megan Barton Hanson, the star – who recently relocated to Dubai – coupled up with Paul Knops.

Despite finishing second to Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, the couple broke up shortly after the series wrapped.

Earlier this year, the Love Island star broke up with DJ Dane Bowers after discovering he'd cheated on her – but they got back together in April.

These days, the star looks nothing like her Love Island persona – have you guessed who it is we're talking about?

You guessed it, it's Laura Anderson.

Last year, the 32-year-old returned to her natural hair colour when she swapped her peroxide blonde locks for brown.

She asked her social media followers at the time: "What do we think of the hair?

"I'm actually really liking it, it's quite dark – but such a beautiful colour?"


Before joining the ITV2 reality TV dating show for its 2019 series, this Islander was working as a pharmacist in London.

Although most contestants are all too happy to couple up with anyone who takes their fancy on the first day, she didn't step forward for any of the boys and was partnered with Sherif Lanre by default.

Later on in the series, the star coupled up with Jordan – but exploded with anger when her then-boyfriend told their co-star India he was interested in her.

While this stunning star had dark brown hair during her 2019 stint on the show, she's since transitioned to blonde – and she looks totally unrecognisable now.

So did YOU put it together? Anna was famed in the villa for her curves and plump pout – and has been described as "the British Kim Kardashian".

In an Instagram post from July 2015, Anna criticised trolls who slated women for getting surgery.

She shared a quote, which read: "Gentle reminder: you can uplift yourself without having to bring others down.

"You can embrace your curves without having to insult skinny girls.You can appreciate your natural beauty without having to shame girls who wear a lot of makeup or have gotten plastic surgery."

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