How to take 10 YEARS off your face… just by changing your hair colour

Forget Botox or expensive facials, changing your hair colour could be the secret to looking up to 10 years younger.

Hair guru Shari Reynolds, who is the Colour Director at Sydney’s Barney Martin salon, explained how selecting the right shade of blonde or brunette can enhance your skin.

One example is by selecting honey tones if you are keen to have a blonde hair colour.

Shari explained to the MailOnline: “Using clean honey blonde is a well-known colourist’s trick for uplighting the skin and is often seen on set in Hollywood to create a youthful and playful effect with a non-brassy finish.”

And another option is to go for a baby blonde shade, which, as the name suggests, mimics the hue seen on infants.

The hair pro said: “It's bright and sparkly but the tone is very soft and with a tiny hint of warmth it lifts the skin.”

If you are a brunette, similar to Victoria's Secret model Izabel Goulart, you may wish to consider asking your hairdresser for a Brazilian brown shade.

Shari commented: “It has balanced warm and cool tones that flatter the skin in daylight and artificial light and it's not too heavy looking and gives plenty of shine.”

Meanwhile, selecting an amber colour as a highlight or a base can help to add shine to the skin and give it a natural glow.

And it’s not just colour that can help wipe years off your appearance.

Cutting your hair tactfully with the right colour placement can even help saggy jawlines look firmer, according to the hair professional.

Shari added: “Contouring is a technique that colourists use to sculpt the contours of the face and cheekbones and draw attention to certain features like lips, eyes and eyebrows.” – an online hair and beauty retailer – explains how natural remedies can give top-of-the range products a run for their money for a fraction of the cost.

Here are their ten cheap tips to help you look ten years younger… including how ONIONS can help with grey hair.

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