We speak to three gorgeous ladies who pass for their daughters' siblings — and even have their IDs checked on nights out

But for these three women, it’s a compliment. From a glamorous gym-going gran to a party-loving mum who gets asked for ID when she’s out, these family members are often mistaken for sisters. And their relationships are closer than ever.

Teresa & Danielle

I do see guys checking out my mum. I wish I could look as hot as her

BROADCAST journalist Danielle Aleksander, 31, who is single and lives in East London, hopes to look just like her mum when she’s older.

Danielle says: "I used to look like my dad but I’ve noticed I’m morphing into Mum – which isn’t a bad thing because she’s such a babe. I do see guys checking my mum out sometimes.

"I wish that I could look as hot as her one day. We get mistaken for sisters all the time.

"The pair of us can hardly go out the house without people thinking that.

"We were out one evening and the barman asked me what I’d like to drink and then said: 'And what’s your sister ­having?'

"I burst out laughing. His face went bright red and he obviously wasn’t joking.It’s funny and my mum loves it as much as I do.

"She’s a sister and a mum rolled into one – and I am very happy that I’m turning into her."

MUM-OF-TWO Teresa Ziemniak, 56, lives in Bath with husband John, 63. She is retired from her job selling homes but life is far from slowing down for her.

She says: "I’m used to getting this kind of attention, because I’ve never quite looked my age. I find it funny that now I even get confused as being the same age as my daughter. No one can believe I have a daughter in her 30s.

"Danielle and I even went on a girls’ holiday to Malaysia last year. Anyone we got chatting to assumed we were two sisters on a break together, but we love seeing people’s faces when we say Danielle is actually my daughter.

"Danielle doesn’t mind. In fact, she’s desperate to look like me.She’ll come over and rummage in my wardrobe, come out wearing my top and I’ll never see it again.We do everything together. We love to eat out and have a few glasses of wine. It doesn’t bother me though, we’ve always been close, and I am just glad we can have this type of of relationship."

Melanie & Courtney

Courtney loves tattoos… we've been thinking about getting matching ones

SINGLE Courtney Cansdale, 26, is a support worker who lives in Southampton. She tells us that she constantly gets mistaken for her fitness-fanatic mum – but admits there is no chance of keeping up with her in the gym, much to the amusement of their fitness coach.

She says: "Mum and I work together and I get mistaken for her all the time.

"She always looks immaculate so I take it as a compliment.We do everything together and even share a personal trainer.

"Mum’s a real hottie and miles fitter than I am. At our first session, the trainer was definitely shocked that she was my mum.

"When we started to do the workout, I could tell he was trying to hold back laughter at my poor attempts next to Mum.

"Mum’s really into cardio and can run circles around me – and she can even lift heavier weights. Our trainer always says to me, 'Come on, train more like your mum'."

CARE manager Melanie Sharma, 52, lives in Southampton with her partner Jimi, 56. She is also mum to Daniel, 32, and has a two-year-old granddaughter, Ruby. She thinks her carefree attitude helps her appear younger and has even been thinking recently about getting her first tattoo.

She says: "I may be a grandma but I’m always out – mainly training in the gym. Courtney loves tattoos and we’ve been thinking about getting matching ones.It would probably be another reason for people to think we are sisters.

"When Courtney came to work with me, people just laughed. Nobody believed she was my daughter. People still joke about it. Courtney is a bit more reserved than me. She has moved into her own place, but we’ll often turn up wearing similar outfits. We have a similar style.

"I used to have a lock on my bedroom door because she was always stealing my clothes. We spend all our time together. We’re much more like friends than mother and daughter."

Kelly & Kira

Bouncers asked Mum for her ID on my 18th birthday night out

KIRA-MALOU Youren, 22, is a professional dancer and in a relationship with Dan, 21. She is used to being centre stage, but when her mum is around she steals the spotlight.

Kira says: "Everyone has always told me how fit my mum is. I’ve come to accept that she will always get more attention. An ex-boyfriend I had even fancied Mum more than me.

"For my 18th birthday, a group of my friends went out with a group of Mum’s friends. It was the first time we’d properly gone out together.

"Mum hadn’t taken her ID, she didn’t think she’d need it, but was stopped by the bouncers. I had gone in before her and she pointed to me and said, 'That’s my daughter!' They just laughed at her.

"People always ask if we are sisters. When we’ve been out together, she has wanted dance-offs with me but I often have to sit down because I’m tired and my feet are aching – while she’s giving it some on the dancefloor.”

FLIGHT attendant and nutritional therapist Kelly Youren, 44, lives in Southampton with husband Michael, 52. Kelly, who is also mum to Amelia, 14, says: "I was only 22 when I had Kira, but I looked even younger – I was very baby-faced. I would take her out for walks in the pram and people would ask if she was my little sister. I had to convince them I was her mum and that I was in my 20s.

"As Kira started to get older, I did notice the boys she brought round having a laugh.On one occasion, Kira made a comment about me being older and I said, 'Don’t mock, this is your future!'

"Her boyfriend turned around and jokingly said, 'Oh, yes please.'

"At work I’m surrounded by young people so I know about the latest trends. And working in nutrition, I have to look healthy. "I love clubbing and can give her a run for her money on the dance floor. I work hard so I like to let my hair down when I go out."

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