‘Soap dodger’ mum branded vile after admitting her husband has to tell her to wash

Posting on Mumsnet as blueberrycoconut, she confessed: "I often can't be arsed" and has to be "prompted" by her partner.

She added: "I rarely wash my hands. I do shower but as and when. I’m not in a fixed routine."

The mum asked if "anyone else" was in a similar position on the post – which has racked up well over 500 replies – but she's definitely in the minority.

One woman slammed her, saying: "That’s vile", while another commented: "If my dh (dear husband) had to tell me to shower, I’d be pretty mortified at myself tbh (to be honest)."

A third Mumsnetter wrote: "That's gross and kinda disrespectful to the person sleeping with you", and another said: "I would leave my partner if I had to prompt them to clean themselves."

One woman warned: "You do know you will smell to other people. You may be unaware but others will think you reek."

And another said: "I suffer from depression and on my lowest days I skip showering (which makes me feel grim) but to not wash your hands is nasty. Sorry."

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