If sitting at home drinking booze in your underwear is the lifestyle for you there's now the perfect quirky self-care trend

In fact, every time we open the internet or scroll through social media there’s a new lifestyle trend from Scandinavia.

Yet, we’ve discovered one to rival them all: Päntsdrunk.

This quirky Finish self-care trend doesn’t advocate cutting out carbs (clean eating), cocooning yourself into a comfortable, cozy ball (hygge and cosagach) or consistently practising meditation and yoga (mindfulness).

Rather, this Nordic lifestyle trend promotes something very different…sitting around at home in your underwear, while drinking alcohol.

That sounds more like it!

The Finish journalist, Miska Rantenen has even written an entire book on Päntsdrunk

Päntsdrunk: The Finish Path to Relaxation, explains the finer points of this lifestyle trend.

He says: “Päntsdrunk encourages a path to solitary relaxation, recovery and self-empowerment to help you face your future challenges."

Miska further explains that Päntsdrunk stems from being trapped indoors during the severe and brutal Nordic winter.

‘Polar night’ refers to the limited sunshine countries such as Norway, Finland and Denmark experience.

Naturally, as it’s a period of extreme coldness and darkness, people aren't as keen to go outside.

While for many of us, these long stretches indoors would leave us feeling claustrophobic, Päntsdrunk actually encourages people to celebrate being inside.

How? With food and drink.

Miska explains: “Place savoury or sweet nibbles within reach, by the bed or sofa, alongside remote control and devices to access social media.

“Open a bottle or can of alcoholic beverage."

This practice is so accepted in Finland, their Minister of Foreign Affairs has even introduced an emoji character participating in the practice.

The emoji features a man in his underwear holding a beer. The woman is sipping a glass of wine.

Despite the cold, dark and harsh winters, Nordic countries have some of the happiest people in the word.

It comes as no surprise then that the region would also make the best of a dire situation.

Six months of darkness every year?

That’s OK, strip down and settle on your sofa, grab a good book and open up a bottle of red.

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