Single mum spent just £12.50 on her 18-year-old daughter’s prom by blagging a free gown and hitching a ride with her uncle – The Sun

A SINGLE mum has revealed how she managed to pay for her 18-year-old daughter’s entire prom night for less than £20.

Debbie Hills, 47, pulled out all the stops to give Aimee a magical night – managing to do it for just £12.50.

Debbie, from Hastings, had just three weeks to pull off an incredible prom night after Aimee changed her mind about attending.

The teen had been planning on skipping the school bash due to bullies and exam results, but decided she wanted to go in the end.

Debbie said: “Aimee wasn’t very confident, like a typical teenager she had body confidence issues when she’s a size eight.

“She didn’t have a large friendship group and was bullied at school – she didn’t want to go to school and didn’t really do well in her exams.”

The mum-of-three frantically scrambled to find Aimee a suitable dress – and turned to the internet for help.

Debbie added: “I’m a single mum and I struggle for money anyway, so I had no idea how I was going to do it because dresses cost a fortune.”

She found one for free on Facebook, from a woman who wanted the girls who couldn’t afford to spend hundreds on a dress to wear something special.

The only condition attached to the dress but Debbie couldn’t sell it, only pass it on to another school leaver in need.

Debbie picked up the frock and spent £5 on alterations and £2.50 on tights, with the ticket itself costing £5.

Aimee, a children’s activity co-ordinator, saved cash by wearing her own shoes, and her big-sister, make-up artist Rhiannon, 23, helped advise Aimee on her stunning look.

And another family member stepped in to help in the transport department, with Aimee’s great-uncle Percy chauffeuring the teen in his Jaguar.

Debbie, a school cook, said: “Everyone should go to prom and Aimee’s really glad she went. She has some lovely memories, she would have regretted it if she hadn’t.

“Prom shouldn't be about the pressure of money, it should be about the kids spending time together and having memories to look back on."

But Debbie has had previous experience of pulling off a prom on a budget, with Rihannon’s big night costing £24, and 20-year-old son Josh’s coming in at £55, which included a new suit, shoes and a bottle of whiskey for a neighbour who dropped him off in his Porsche.

Debbie said: “We know that we’re lucky.

“It is nice to spend a lot on your child’s prom and treat your kids if you can afford it, but we’re more grateful than greedy.

“We don’t do the whole ‘look what I’ve got’.

“My kids will go into Primark and look for the stuff that costs a pound, they don’t go into Hugo Boss and want a £500 t-shirt.”

Aimee’s prom was a heartwarming moment for the whole family, as her granddad, Simon, was diagnosed with cancer last year, just four weeks after her aunt Vicky, 20 was found dead at university.

Debbie added: “Aimee really deserved to go – when my dad was diagnosed with cancer her only priority was making sure she visited him every day and making sure he was eating.

“Even now, she still visits him twice a week and does things for him.

“She’s a great kid – she rarely thinks of herself and always wants to help everyone else.”

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