This simple hack will prevent your lipstick from drying out your lips

Hold your breath, because we've found a hack that may eliminate this problem.

On Reddit's Makeup Addiction subreddit, one Redditor revealed the best way to stop your pout from drying out.

The trick? Add some hydration to your liquid lippie.

"Stila liquid lipsticks are my favourite but they dry out [my lips] after several hours," Redditor zershia77 wrote about Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.

"When I started running out of my favourite colour Baci, I decided to add a few drops of almond oil to see how it changed the wear and also just to get every last drop of product out of the tube.

"It turns out I much prefer the formulation with a little oil in it."

Pretty cool, huh?

For those who are concerned the almond oil may effect the taste or consistency of your liquid lippie, here's a news flash for you: it doesn't.

Zershia77 explained: "It doesn't seem to change the look of it and it still wears all day long.

"There is a slight transfer on my coffee mug in the morning but all in all it's still a long wearing liquid lipstick that dries down matte," she wrote.

Other Reddit users were quick to respond to Zershaia77's post.

"I absolutely despise liquid lips because they dry out my lips so I might try the almond oil, since I love the colour of Baci and it's probably the only liquid lip I use," one user commented.

Walk, run or hop to your nearest Superdrug, almond oil is the latest beauty buy you need.

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