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ANYONE who has ever tried to have sex in the shower will probably agree that it isn't much like the movies.

Rather than the hot and steamy session motion pictures might have you believe, it is more likely to be a cramped and often sweaty experience.

However, that needn't be the case.

With the help of some clever tips and tricks you can make your hot and heavy bathroom hanky panky just as good as your bedroom session.

Speaking to Women's Health, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Janet Brito said: "Shower sex can be really hot because it has a sense of urgency to it—you're not going to stay in there for an hour.

"Plus, hot water is relaxing and sensual, and seeing each other naked and wet can be a huge turn-on."

So if you're ready to give it a go (or another go), here's what you need to know first…

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The non-slip mat is your friend

Previously reserved for the elderly, it's not just your gran who needs a non-slip mat.

Horny couples need the rubber rug to stop themselves from falling over as they tackle shower sex.

Even worrying about taking a tumble can distract you from the fun of your fumble so this is essential kit.

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Warm up first

Foreplay in the shower can be a struggle with restricted movement so in order to fully enjoy your session, turn up ready for action.

This may mean kicking things off on the bathroom floor or in the bedroom before hopping under the water.

No oil, just lube

Bath oil may be sexy but in a shower sex sesh, it's also far too slippery.

Instead opt for a silicone-based or natural lube, as water can actually cause more friction between you and your partner.

So make sure you lube up before you hit the showers.

Watch out for your legs

When you get too hot – which can happen you're in a steamy shower – your muscles can relax and you can pass out.

This isn't a regular occurrence but you need to be careful and look after your partner to make sure no one gets hurt.

Angle the shower head

It could be tempting to point the shower head at the centre of the action but that's not the best way to enjoy your sex session.

You're better off pointing it towards your legs or torso.

That way it's not going to be soaking your sexy time and causing unwanted friction.

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Bring in the bath toys

Why not bring some sex toys to the party? There are plenty of waterproof options to play with.

Having a vibrator on hand also means you don't need to feel stressed about finding the perfect position and angle, instead you can both be stimulated in other ways.

Soapy sexy exploration

Sex isn't all about immediate penetration, so take some time to explore each other's bodies first.

Just grab some super foamy soap and massage it onto one another's skin.

Invest in a shower foot stand

While this may be unnecessary for those who are just giving shower sex a go one time, for those who are planning to regularly romp in the shower this can be a valuable purchase.

Having a foot stand will also allow you to try and range of positions you be unable to do otherwise.

Don't go too fast

You may want to finish before the hot water runs out, but if you're moving fast and changing positions you can run the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

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Sexy stability

The shower is not the place to be trying new and difficult positions.

Instead you'll want to stick to positions that offer some stability to both partners – so no Wheelbarrow until you're back in the bedroom (or living room we suppose)

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