Shoppers demand Fashion Nova remove photo of swimsuit model with ‘her vagina hanging out’

Multiple shoppers have commented on an Instagram post questioning what exactly is on display.

The image of the Marbella swimsuit features a model wearing the one piece as well as a cover up.

Fashion Nova captioned the post, which has received more than 14,000 likes, “Are You Ready To Heat Things Up?”

But numerous people have claimed her vagina ‘is hanging out’ of the £23.66 costume.

One comment said: “This picture should not be posted.

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“For Fashionnova and the models sake.”

Another said: “Looks very uncomfortable down there.”

A third wrote: “Her vagina is literally hanging out.”

While this person commented: “Did you not realise half her vagina is out.”




And another agreed, writing: “Is it just me or is something hanging out there.”

It’s not the first time Fashion Nova has been criticised for the model’s skimpy outfits.

Earlier in the week they were accused of photshopping a model’s crotch in a lacy bodysuit.

And we recently revealed the company was accused of ‘Photoshopping’ a model’s crotch in shot of skimpy lace bodysuit.

If you want more bizarre outfits, Fashion Nova has released a £20 see-through pair of trousers.

And take a look at PrettyLittleThing's £60 "extreme nude" sequin dress… you can’t wear a bra OR knickers with it.

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