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With the royal wedding only days away, we have hats on the brain. And the precursor to the amazing chapeaus we’ll be seeing at Harry and Meghan’s nuptials? Well, that takes place over on our side of the pond at the Kentucky Derby. (Serious question: have hat makers ever had a busier season?)

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Sure, it’s not a requirement, per se, for women to wear outrageously large and fabulous hats to the Derby, but it’s certainly a tradition. For the past 100+ years, “the bigger the better”, has been the modus operandi of hat wearing at the Derby. And we think that’s just fabulous.

Whether you’re attending the Derby, the royal wedding, or just want to look insanely chic, shop our favorite Derby-worthy hats, below.


Albus Lumen Tie Neck Straw Hat

Eugenia Kim Grosgrain Mesh Hat

Filu Hats Denim Tie Straw Hat

Nordstrom Bow Veil Headband

Kate Spade Flower Embellished Straw Hat

Reinhard Plank Hats Red Straw headband

Lola Hats Straw Wide Brim Hat

Miu Miu Red Polka Dot Ribbon Hat

Topshop Wide Brim Straw Hat with Black Ribbon

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