Science experiment shows gross reality of wearing shoes around your house & the petri dish is may make you want to vomit | The Sun

DO you wear shoes in your house, or do you make guests take them off as they enter?

It’s been a popular debate for years – and one woman decided to see how dirty shoes can really make your carpets and floors.

Home whizz @dailydetailswithdena swabbed her shoes and floors where shoes are allowed in her home, and added them to a petri dish for a week.

And the results were stomach-churning.

In a clip which has racked up 20,000 likes, she said: “I’m not a chemistry teacher but I think you’ll find the results at the end very interesting.

“There’s a common argument between many people to wear shoes that you wear in public through your house or not.

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“I’m definitely on team ‘don’t wear your shoes in the house.’

“But many people argue that is really is no big deal.

“So I set out to find the answer.

“First we swabbed the bottom of my shoe and then we swabbed the floor of the mudroom, which is the only floor in the house that shoes are actually worn.

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“We left the petri dishes undisturbed for a week in a dark closet.

“This is what grew.

“I’m no chemist but it sure seems like shoes shouldn’t be worn in your house.”

She showed the petri dishes with numerous bacteria growing on it.

Dena continued in the caption: “So before this petri dish, we didn’t wear shoes in the house, and after the petri dish, I stand by my decision.

“Oh and yes, I make guests take them off too. And if they can’t (workers or something), I have shoe covers available.

“Here’s the thing, if you’re wearing these shoes through your house, you have to clean your floors WAY MORE OFTEN. 

“That takes way longer than taking off the shoes.”