Savvy mum reveals how she keeps her Christmas tree lights tangle-free using leftover cardboard

IT'S that time again – you know, when you have to start thinking about taking down the Christmas tree.

Speaking from experience, shoving all your decorations and lights in a plastic bag might be the quickest way to get the job done – but it leaves you with some epic tangles to deal with come December.

So if you want to save your future self some serious hassle, then you might want to give this savvy mum's clever tip a go.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum explained how you can put any cardboard you've got hanging around to good use.

She wrote: "Life hack and save you a bit of money!

"Use leftover cardboard from your Xmas pressies and use them to wrap your Xmas lights."

Showing us how it's done, she then posted a photo of her lights neatly wrapped around a piece of cardboard with two indentations on either side – alternatively, another mum used a Pringles tube to keep hers free from tangles.

The post racked up over 2,600 'likes' in the group – and other members raved about the method.

One replied: "I do this and it makes putting lights on the tree so easy."

Another added: "I wrap mine round a roll of Xmas wrapping paper."

A third said: "Do this every year best trick ever!!!"

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