All rise the super salon!

Fuelled by time-pressed women who want to get all their grooming needs met under one roof, high street beauty parlours are increasingly upping their game to offer an eye-popping menu of wellness treatments which tackle grooming from the inside out.

One salon up in Edinburgh is even offering a 40-minute vagina tightening treatment, which boosts collagen down below, leaving the area more youthful-looking and, often, with better sensation.

In this new world of Hollywood-inspired ‘beauty superstores’, any woman can enjoy a full body and mind transformation just like A-list stars; as long as she has the wallet to match.

Celebrity hair stylist Luke Hersheson unveiled his 5,000 sqft beauty mega salon in London's Fitzrovia this week, saying it’s time to “question everything” we previously thought about beauty and start offering real women the same grooming options that celebrities have been enjoying for years.

His stunning new emporium on Berners Street features a hair salon, blow dry bar, manicures on marble tables, facials by Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s favourite aesthetic doctor Barbara Sturm, a luxury café, eyebrow microblading, plus work and chillout spaces decked out with velvet armchairs and magazines from around the world.


Creative director Luke, who has coiffed the tresses of Sienna Miller and Kate Middleton for around £350 per session, said of his latest offering, “Salons have become predictable, boring, much of a much-ness and not in-tune with how we live our lives now. We don’t believe in limits, boundaries or rules when it comes to feeling good.’

Staff at Hershesons’s new mega salon have even been specially trained to offer 30-minute speed treatments for clients who are in a rush and looking for multiple treatments in their limited spare time.

'The Hershesons' approach to any project is to tear-up the rule book and start again – and that's exactly what we've done with our flagship,” said a salon representative, ‘We're so excited to see how our customers respond to it.'

Up in Edinburgh, aesthetic practitioner Dr Nestor Demosthenous takes things even further with his comprehensive and luxurious Medical & Cosmetic Centre, right in the centre of town.

He offers hair restoration for men and women, female intimate health services, menopausal hormone treatments, family planning, facial fillers and even GP services costing £125 for 30 minutes.

Dr Nestor’s vaginal rejuvination service is called ThermiVa and uses gentle radiofrequencey to tighten the area. The 40 minute treatment can make labia appear smaller and even help women with sexual dysfunction.

Premium department store Harrods was an early pioneer of offering a beauty mega menu for shoppers.
The luxurious Knightsbridge shop opened its enormous wellness clinic last May with 14 treatment rooms stuffed to the rafters with the UK’s leading beauty and wellness experts plus hi-tech equipment. Clients can enjoy personal-training with actress Emma Thompson’s PT Louise Parker, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, dietitians and acupuncturists on-site, not to mention a full 3D body scanner to highlight bad posture and even more serious underlying medical issues.
There is also the option to shed pounds in full-body cryotherapy ice chamber, practice mindfulness and reiki energy healing, get hooked up to a vitamin drip and take a DNA test so that beauticians from Gen-Identity can make up a bespoke facial moisturiser that uniquely matches your skin type.

Also in London, private members club Grace, Belgravia describes itself as an “integrated medical clinic, spa retreat, gym, healthy restaurant and inspiring event space”.

At Grace, where Cara Delevigne has been known to work out in prep for big catwalk shows, membership is said to cost around £5,000 per year, or over £50,000 for a lifetime pass, with reductions for weekend members or younger clients.

The club's underlying mantra is 'inside out beauty', and the integrated treatments and facilities are led by a team of world-recognised doctors, experts and therapists. Every member gets 10 grooming treatments per year, a dermatology assessment, plus VIP membership to luxury shopping site Net A Porter, on top of their exercise plans.
Meanwhile even smaller salons are getting in on the act. Williams & Rice of Chelsea has a secret work-out space and aesthetics expert in the basement so clients can work out, plump their skin and walk away with perfect hair.

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