Rihanna Basically Wore Sparkly PJs to Her Met Gala Afterparty, and We Are Bowing Down

Does This Outfit Look Like It Was Made For Dancing or WHAT?

In case you missed it, Rihanna was the center of attention at the Met Gala this year, and our knees are still sore from bowing down. The singer immediately stole the spotlight when she arrived to the ball, sporting a bedazzled pope-inspired outfit — towering, jeweled hat and all — that snatched the breath right out of our lungs. To be honest, we’re still recovering.

When the Met Gala came to an end, Rihanna’s night was FAR from over, as she slipped into a completely different look before dashing off to an afterparty in the city that never sleeps. The star ditched her pope-esque getup (because she definitely couldn’t have properly broken things down on the dance floor while wearing that huge hat) and wore a sparkly coordinating top and pants that looked way more comfortable and practical. She wore her oversize silver shirt halfway unbuttoned to reveal a dazzling bra underneath. The matching set was a look — the finale look, to be exact — from Nina Ricci’s Fall Winter 2018 runway show.

Rihanna paired her PJ-like ensemble with matching silver heels that were customized by Dorateymur for all her late-night, blister-free dancing needs. She accessorized with giant cross necklaces and sunglasses even though she reportedly rolled up to the shindig at 3 a.m. Why was she wearing shades in the dead of the night? Because she’s Rihanna, and she simply can.

Zoom in on all the details of her Met Gala afterparty outfit ahead, and then be sure to relive our favorite dresses from the annual ball’s red carpet.

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