Professional cleaner reveals how you can keep your car smelling fresh for a year – all you need is a peg

AS we start to venture out more often, you might find yourself travelling in your car for longer.

But it's time to scrap pricey air fresheners in a bid to keep your vehicle smelling nice, because a humble wooden peg will do the trick – and it works in your home, too.

Professional cleaners have agreed that the best and easiest way to keep your car smelling fresh is to use a wooden peg on your air-con vent.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, which will be absorbed by the wood.

"This is an awesome idea for a waste-free air-freshener," a cleaner revealed online, according to Mail Online.

"I love this, it is a nice, natural alternative to nasty air-fresheners," another added.

  • Nikura Sweet Orange essential oil, £2.29 from Nikura or Amazon

Many pointed out that wooden pegs are actually super cheap to buy – so not only is the method effective but it's more affordable, too.

In fact, you can pick up a pack of 100 from Amazon for less than £10 – and even cheaper from home and hardware stores.

Another woman raved about the hack on Facebook, writing: "Buy cheap wooden pegs. Add your favourite essential oils to it (oil will soak into the wood) and clip onto vents. Longer lasting smell in your car or home (clip onto AC)"

But she warned against using too much in case it "dripped", ruining your car interior.

We advise against using sleep-inducing scents such as lavender and frankincense, instead, choose mood-lifting oil varieties.

Scents like orange, sandalwood and clove are said to be great picks for freshness and an ideal choice for your car.

While tea tree, eucalyptus oil and lemon is also a winning combination.

Others revealed they soak their pegs in a solution of water and essential oil overnight to get a stronger and longer lasting scent – which works perfectly for the home as well.

"I clip mine onto my house fan and aircon and on the window in the bathroom," one woman said. 

"You can make heaps all at once, you just have to keep them in a sealed plastic bag and they are ready to go," another cleaner said.

Once the smell begins to fade, simply add a couple more drops and the same peg can be uses time and time again.

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