Princess Anne glistens in sapphires and pearls for a ‘protective’ reason

Princess Anne loves jewellery, specifically pearls and sapphires. Jewellery expert Aimee Howlett from Diamonds Factory shared in-depth insight into why the Princess Royal is always seen wearing these two gemstones.

She said: “Throughout the years, Princess Anne has sported some iconic jewellery pieces, from diamond-encrusted tiaras to delicate brooches. But, the Princess has notably been fond of two gemstones in particular.

“It’s no surprise that sapphires are one of the Princess’s favourite gemstones. Both of her engagement rings have featured this stone.

“It can be said that Anne was the first royal to break tradition here, with bright gemstone rings being rare amongst royals before her first engagement.”

It is not just Anne’s engagement rings that contain sapphires. The Princess Royal also wears a brooch with a strong historical meaning.

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Ms Howlett added: “She is also regularly seen wearing her sapphire brooch, which is believed to be a copy of a piece Prince Albert gave to Queen Victoria, featuring a halo of diamonds around the centre stone.

“The significance of sapphires, and one reason as to why the Princess is regularly seen wearing these gemstones, dates back to ancient times.

“Sapphires were believed to protect wearers from harm and warn off feelings of jealousy, and so became a common gemstone to wear by people of power.

“Sapphires have since become a traditional gemstone adopted by royalty, with Princess Anne having a big influence on this.

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“We have seen many other royals follow suit, including Princess Diana and Princess Kate whose engagement rings feature sapphire stones.”

Ms Howlett explained how pearls are a significant and poignant choice for the Princess Royal’s jewellery collection.

She commented: “Pearls are another gemstone Princess Anne is renowned for wearing and has recently inherited the late Queen’s three pearl strand necklace.

“Representing purity, pearls are one-of-kind, with no gem ever being the exact same. The significance of pearls in relation to the monarchy is the belief that they signify wealth and peace.

“However, more specifically, pearls have become a symbol of grief within the Royal Family, with the gemstone being worn at many funerals.

“With Anne inheriting the Queen’s most favoured piece of jewellery, it indicates a sense of remembrance and love when the piece is worn.”

The Princess Royal will likely celebrate her 73rd birthday at her Gloucestershire home, Gatcombe Park.

Princess Anne lives at the property with her husband of nearly 31 years, Timothy Laurence, 68.

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