People hate my son’s unique name – they say it sounds ‘like he came out with a pension and a full Tom Selleck mustache’ | The Sun

A COUPLE who wanted to give their newborn an unusual name have come in for a lot of stick.

Followers to their post on a Reddit forum are piling in with their views – and a lot of ridicule too.

Naming a newborn is fraught with family politics, tradition, and culture.

Everyone seems to have an opinion. But posting the announcement to Reddit is bound to attract some forthright views.

The post opened with: “You carried that baby for nine months and then you named him Newt Jerry.”

Nonetheless, Redditors were quick to comment.

Most damning was this comment with reference to a TV private investigator and his famous facial hair: “Sounds like he came out with a pension and a full Tom Selleck mustache.”

One comment despaired at such unusual names: “I want to weep for these poor children.”

Another didn’t hold back: “Newt is vile. Make it the middle name if you're that desperate.”

Think about the future urged another: “Y’all name a boy Newt, y’all gonna end up with one mean boy."

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Comments to the post have joked that he, "Sounds like he came out with a pension and a full Tom Selleck mustache"Credit: Getty

Others were kinder and could warm to the name – a little bit at least.

One comment said: “Out of all these, Newt is actually kinda cute.”

And another: “Honestly, Newt Jerry is the least offensive name here by a long f*cking shot in my opinion.”

One more cut the parents some slack: “I can't hate on Newt Jerry too much–it's weird on a baby but at least he'll have a normal adult life.”

Finally, just go for the ordinary urged at least one comment: “I have never been more proud of the normal-ass name I gave my child.”

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