Pencil brows are the latest bonkers beauty trend… so would YOU be willing to try it?

This time the quirky craze sweeping Instagram is pencil brows.

Yes – you heard right… pencil brows.

And by that we don’t mean the thin drawn on ones from the early noughties, that we look back on and cringe.

Oh no – we mean brows that are drawn onto our face to look like actual pencils.

Thanks to international beauty bloggers Huda Kattan and Skyzeditz, they have helped thrust the new fixation into the spotlight.

And with both make-up artists having a combined following of almost 26million Instagram followers, this new fad may well stick around.

Fans have been quick to praise the new look with one saying: “OMG that’s actually so cool.”

Whilst another added: “Wow this really is amazing.”

Skyzeditz who was behind one of the unique creations, captioned her masterwork: “Not your usual pencil brows”

You can say that again.

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