Nails that look exactly like teeth now exist… and they’re really freaking us out

Molar-shaped nails have been showcased online in an Instagram tutorial by bonkers Russian beauty salon Nail Sunny.

The salon, which regularly offers advice on how to create unusual looks, got very mixed reactions to the strange look.

fz206 tagged her friend and wrote: "Please don’t ever do this."

they_call_me_atsie added: "This is the worst nightmare I have ever encountered without even trying to dream…like why tho??"

This isn't the first time Nail Sunny has posted unusual nails online.

Previously the Moscow-based beauty salon posted a clip of one of its clients getting a woman's body painted onto her fingernails – complete with bra and pants.

It's also offered advice on 3D designs.

And one more offensive manicure showed a nail literally giving the finger…

For more impractical nails – have you seen the crazy corkscrew nails on Instagram? They're a little bizarre, to say the least.

Or check out the nail artist who created a 3D model of pregnant Kylie Jenner on her finger.

And here's how you've probably been painting your nails all wrong.

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