My toddler has THREE Louis Vuitton bags – trolls say she'll grow up a brat but we think they’re a good investment | The Sun

THEY'RE the designer bags that most women could merely dream of owning.

But despite being just three-years-old, Christi Fritz's daughter is already the proud owner of THREE Louis Vuitton bags.

Christi recently shared a video on her TikTok page giving a tour of her daughter's bedroom, and eagle-eyed viewers quickly spotted the three designer bags in her closet.

Responding to queries about the bags, Christi posted another video, in which she explained: "We did a room tour for our three year old daughter’s new room and a lot of people asked why she has three Louis Vuitton purses. 

"Here’s her closet and here’s her Louis Vuitton collection.

"She has three bags and honestly she has them because we think it’s better to invest in high quality bags that will last a long time.

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"So we bought her the first two – the little ones – and the big one is actually my old one.

"She loved it so I let her have it."

Christi added that the big Louis Vuitton bag is "perfect" if her daughter "wants to bring toys or make-up anywhere we’re going".

Trolls were not impressed with Christi's explanation, with one writing: "You spoil your daughter too much – she’s going to grow up to be a brat."

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In another video response, Christi replied: "Right now she’s only 3 so she has no idea whether or not the stuff we buy her is expensive.

"She is actually the sweetest and most thankful toddler ever."

However, people still weren't quite convinced, with one person commenting: "like i get it that you want her to be loved but like does she really need those at a young age like i mean isnt toys not even for her or what?"

"Still a little too much in my opinion," another added.

"Don't overspoil when she is older. My dad did that with my sis and she is 300% a brat," a third wrote.

Others hit back at critics, with one writing: "I wouldn’t really call it spoiling her, I’d say that they just want their daughter/kids to have the life they didn’t get."

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"People are such haters," someone else added.

"It’s a good thing she has parents that can spoil her don’t be mad cause you can’t do that or didn’t get that."

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