My neighbour told my 3-year-old daughter to be quiet in her own home – I'm fuming but people say I’M in the wrong | The Sun

MANY of us will understand how annoying it can be to have noisy neighbours.

Whether that’s someone that plays music into the night or a newborn baby that’s always crying, it’s highly irritating when you’re trying to relax and your neighbours have other ideas.

But one woman was left stunned when her neighbour complained about her three-year-old daughter making too much noise and asked her to ‘be quiet’ in her own home.

The mum-of-two took to Mumsnet to reveal that her downstairs neighbour knocked on the door of her maisonette demanding that her daughter be quiet. 

The mum confessed that her daughter had been running up and down the hallway at the time, but said she was just being a toddler.

At 7:48am yesterday morning, she explained: "Wondering if I'm being unreasonable to be hacked off? 

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“We've literally just had a knock on the door from our downstairs neighbour. 

“We live in a maisonette, we're in the top flat, he's on the bottom. 

“He said 'listen, can you tell your kid to be quiet and stop running around?'.

"I am honestly speechless. 

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“We have a three-year-old and a newborn. 

“Yes, she was running up and down the hallway and laughing, but she's three and doesn't understand she needs to be quiet at certain times of the day. 

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“We've lived here for four years, and never had any issues or complaints from other neighbours or the ones who lived below previously.

"I am absolutely fuming but I don't know if I have a right to be. 

“To me, if you live in a shared building you run the risk of hearing noise. 

“And it's not as if we're playing music or running the washing machine. 

“You know, noise you can prevent or limit. 

“Does he expect us to gag and tie up our child?"

Mumsnet users were left divided at the situation – while some agreed that her neighbour should expect to hear noise if he lives in a flat, others said her neighbour had a point as her child was running around at a time that is considered "early" – especially on a Sunday.

One person said: "Your neighbour can't move into a ground floor flat below a family with young children and expect silence. It is normal family noise."

Another added: "I think your family needs to be able to relax in their own home. A toddler running about is normal.

"You will just have to tell him politely that this is normal family life."

Someone else disagreed: "A three-year-old can usually understand the instruction not to run.

"Considering it's still early on a Sunday morning, you are being unreasonable."

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Another wrote: "Before 8 am on a Sunday? I wouldn't be too impressed.

"Yes, neighbours have to accept some family noise, but it sounds as though you weren't even trying to keep your three-year-old quiet. You should be more considerate."

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