My man is addicted to his PS5 and ignores the kids – he says it’s his only enjoyment in life, I’m livid | The Sun

A MUM has been left fuming after her husband told her his PS5 is his "only enjoyment in life" and completely blanks their kids.

The frustrated Scot said her marriage is at breaking point due to her partner's addiction to his Playstation and noise-cancelling headphones.

Posting on Facebook, she said: “Since my husband got his PS5, he is on it every night, days off and every other opportunity. 

“My two daughters constantly now moan daddy is on his game, and his mum had pulled him up about it. 

“Yet if I mention it he gets angry and says it’s the only enjoyment he has in his life.”

She added: “Am I being unreasonable? As every night he’s on it. 

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“And if I am ever watching TV he moans until I am off it.”

Her post has left social media users divided.

Some have insisted she deserves better and should giver her gamer hubby an ultimatum.

One said: “He's not spending time with you or the kids? I'd tell him to grow up or leave.”

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A second agreed: “He needs to grow up and man up, if he won’t listen to you or indeed doesn’t recognise that he is spending way too much time gaming then give him an ultimate – his family or his PS5.”

A third wrote: “If he’s getting no enjoyment out of you or your children you need to find a person who does and wants to be with you.”

And a fourth added: “To say it's his only enjoyment is a total slap in the face to you and your kids. 

“Be brutally honest about how his gaming is making you and your kids feel.”

Others, however, have urged the mum to consider that her partner may need more support.

One said: “He needs help to get away from it but just 'ripping it away' or 'giving ultimatums' and all these insensitive comments will not help the problem.”

Meanwhile, a second wrote: “Gaming has always been a form of regulation for me – an escape when times are tough. 

“Most people who don't game think it's something bad when it's saved so many peoples mental health. 

“Perhaps his mental health and coping strategies need some improvement so your family isn't suffering.”

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