My gran is super fit at 64 – she copies my outfits, even the crop tops | The Sun

AN Australian granddaughter and grandmother duo have shocked the internet with their fit bodies.

Wellness guru Tia Christofi shares TikTok videos and Instagram posts alongside her workout partner, her grandmother Lesley Maxwell.

People are always shocked that Lesley is, and are also convinced she must be younger than 64.

In one recent TikTok video, Tia showed the duo together in a gym with the caption: “My fit af grandmother."

The song “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled played while Tia lip-synced: “I probably shouldn’t be around you,” referencing her grandmother.

With full faces of makeup and styled hair, they each posed in matching workout sets.

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They wore white sports bras and white leggings that revealed their toned arms and chiseled abs. 

The comments have been turned off for this video, but people sounded off on the pair’s Instagram accounts.

Sixty-four-year-old Lesley posted a photo of herself and Tia wearing the same outfits.

“My granddaughter and I share a love for fitness and health,” she captioned the post.

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“This is incredibly inspiring!” one person commented.

“Wow how wonderful, granddaughter and grandmother looking incredible, fabulous,” another wrote.

Twenty-year-old Tia also posted an Instagram photo that same day, again calling Lesley her “fit af grandmother.”

The duo wore blue and grey workout sets that also show off their rock-hard abs.

They also held up dumbbell weights. Lesley’s arm muscles were particularly defined.

“Omgggg did you write grandmother?,” one person wrote, adding: “Is that a typo? That has to be your mom?!!!”

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