Mum shows how to make 120 meals for just £20 as she packs food boxes for the homeless & struggling families

A KIND-HEARTED woman has shared how she regularly cooks 120 meals for the homeless for just £20. 

Syl Rielly, 31, from Blackpool, has shared photos of the huge batch-cooking sessions she does, and has broken down the purse-friendly costs for each one. 

The selfless woman wrote how she does the huge cooking session every Tuesday and Friday for kids and families that need extra help, and then on a Wednesday and Sunday for the homeless. 

Mum-of-one Syl revealed how she recently did 120 dishes of chips, pizza and beans for £23.10, which worked out at under 20p per person. 

However, she also has done 120 homemade quiche meals with a jacket potato and salad for 120 people for £26.80, which worked out at 22p per person. 

And other dishes include 120 sausage, mash and peas meals for £25.96, and 70 gammon, chips, green beans and a bread and butter pudding for £25.01. 


  • Aldi's Roll out shortcrust pastry 5 of them × £5.00
  • Eggs a tray of 30 = £2.10
  • Cheese 3 bags grated = £6.00
  • Onions pack of 3 = £1.00
  • Bacon = £2.50
  • Potatoes – 5 bags from Aldi = £5.60
  • Two lettuce = £1.60
  • Cherry tomatoes ×2 packs = £2.00
  • Cucumbers x 2 = £1.00

120 meals for £26.80

In order to get the best value on food, Syl said she shops at Aldi, Lidl and Farmfood. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Syl said she does it at the Mags Beach Cafe, which she runs with her partner and sisters. 

Her 12-year-old daughter also helps out in the cafe around her schoolwork.


  • 20 pizzas (6 slices per pizza) = £13.80
  • 6 bags of frozen chips =£6.00
  • 15 tins beans at 22p =£3.30

120 meals for £23.10

She explained: “We do it because I've been in bad times myself and I had amazing people there to help me.

“A small act of kindness can restore anyone’s faith in humanity.”

The batch-cooking of 120 meals can take anywhere between two hours to six hours, and Syl said she spends the most time on roast dinners and her homemade quiche. 

Syl says they not only serve anyone in need at the cafe, but they also deliver meals to struggling families or ones who have contacted them on Facebook.

And in order to find homeless people in need, they also drive round the area too.

She regularly shares her meals on Feeding a family on £1 a day, so people can get inspiration how far money can spread when batch-cooking. 

Many people have been hugely impressed with her meals, with one writing: “Syl this is amazing. You are literally one of the most kindest people I know.”

Another added: “Wow what a truly good gesture. You are amazing.”

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