Mum shares tip to get Barbie’s matted hair smooth again & it’s really simple

A MUM has been praised for sharing a genius hack to get matted Barbie hair looking back to its best.

Self-employed cleaner Aston-Beau Marley took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks group on Facebook to share some snaps of her daughter's doll collection both before and after she sorted their hair out.

Revealing she'd seen the hack elsewhere, Aston-Beau wrote on the group: "Thank you so much to the lady who shared her tip on how to detangle and sort out Barbie's hair. They're ready for my daughter's new barbie house now!

"Warm water and fabric conditioner."

The pictures showed just how well the tangled hair had come out, going from matted and tousled beyond recognition to glossy and smooth.

Once the hair had been de-tangled, Aston-Beau plaited it to ensure it stayed in place and tangle-free for as long as possible.

Following the post, people flocked to the comments section to praise Aston-Beau for sharing the hack, with one person revealing they'd been doing it for years.

"Fabric conditioner and hot water for hair , I used to sell vintage dolls and that’s what we do to fix the hair , dip it in the conditioner and very hot water and comb through," one person wrote.

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"I mixed hair conditioner and fabric conditioner together and used a de tangle brush works a treat," someone else commented.

"I work in childcare so see many of these they do take a lot of patience but it does work."

A third person added: "Fabric softener. Sorted many dolls' hair out using that stuff."

And given that fabric conditioner starts at around £1 a bottle, the hack is a clever and budget-friendly way of sorting out dolls' hair.

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