Mum shares hilarious sick note tired daughter, 9, wrote herself to skip school – pretending she feels ‘dissy and sick’

A MUM was left in hysterics after her tired daughter, nine, wrote herself a sick note to skip school which said she felt “dissy” with a “high tempreture”. 

Danielle Joyce said she saw the funny note in daugher Olivia's note, which she had found after she woke up.  

The young girl’s sweet note said: “Hi mum, it’s Olivia. Just wanted to tell you there is no need to wake me up.

“I am really tired. Pls say to the office ‘hi it’s Olivia’s mum, she has a high tempreture and she says she feels dissy and sick.’

“Please at least I can spend some time with you. I love you. 

“Please just for me. P.s. your lovely daughter.”

The mum uploaded a photo of the handwritten note to Facebook, and said: “This made me laugh this morning. 

“You wouldnt think she had just had 5 months off would you?

“It didnt work and she is at school.”

After the photo was shared to Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, many people were quick to comment saying how adorable the letter was. 

One wrote: “How could you say no to that saying that.”

Another added: “What a brilliant funny kid I’d deffo give her the day of pamper her like a princess and be super proud of her spirit lol.”

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