Mum shares clever morning trick for getting her kids to eat ALL of their packed lunch every time

A MUM-of-two has revealed a clever morning trick for getting her kids to eat all of their healthy packed lunch every time. 

Rather than tiresomely packing the lunches herself, Cassie said the best way to pack the right food is to get the children to choose from a selection of healthy snacks. 

Sharing the image in a parenting group on Facebook, the mum wrote: “I have found this is the best way to get my kids to eat their lunch at school.

"All on the bench, pick what you want and pack your own. Anyone else do this?”

The range of snacks included celery, grapes, cucumber, carrots, almonds, Satsumas yogurt, crackers, bread, muesli bars, and pretzels. 

Cassie wrote: “I think we get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing. 

“My eldest eats very little at school, but eats heaps at home, so now she just grabs a couple of items and nothing comes home wasted.”

Other parents part of the parenting group loved the idea.

One wrote: “Yum! Can you come do this for me? Great idea!”

Another said they have tried similar, writing: “I wash, cut, prepare all the stuff on the weekend and store it in containers in the fridge. 

“The non-fridge stuff are put in jars or containers and kept on the kitchen bench.

“It takes my daughter five to ten minutes to put together something for lunch.”

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