Mum says she’ll ‘never iron again’ thanks to ‘genius’ laundry hack – and all you need is some hangers

IF there's one household chore we could happily sign off forever, it would be ironing. No questions asked.

And thanks to one mum's savvy tip, our dreams might be about to become a reality.

Posting on a Facebook cleaning group, the Australian mum explained how she washes her clothes on a gentle cycle and vigorously shakes them when they come out of the machine to get rid of any creases.

Then, she puts them on a clothes hanger and pulls it into shape.

Next, she hooks the hanger over a peg on her washing line and leaves them outside to dry.

The combination of the peg and hanger stops the washing blowing in the wind and getting creased.

After a few hours, she brings the clean washing inside and hangs it up in the wardrobe straight away – no ironing required.

Sharing photos of her "genius" trick, the mum wrote: "I'll never iron again!"

The post has racked up over 900 "likes" – and one cleaning fan responded: "Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing."

Another added: "Very cool! I hang T-shirts and shirts on coat hangers on a clothes rack but this is great."

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