Mum reveals how she revamped her entire kitchen for just £36 by using counter stickers

A WOMAN has revealed how she managed to revamp her entire kitchen – for £36.

Redoing a kitchen is a big project and can cost thousands of pounds, and months to complete.

But one Amy York, from Bath, Somerset, has managed to transform hers using £18 tile paint from B&Q, and £13 for the worktop stickers.

Posting to a Facebook group, she said: “Seen few people do it so got the stuff today and already finished.

“£36 pound I spent.”

She later revealed it only took her four hours in total to redo her entire kitchen.

People have been praising her incredible before-and-after photos, with her post racking up hundreds of likes.

She later added: “Got the stuff from b&q £18 for tile paint & £13 for the work surface wrap.”

Fellow Facebook users have been inspired with her quick and easy transformation, and are vowing to try it out themselves.

One person commented: “I love the surfaces! I want them.”

Another said: “I’m doing this B&Q tomorrow.”

A third added: “Looks bloody amazing.”

Someone else wrote: “I know what I am doing at the weekend.”

While this person said: “Everyone be going round with these revamped kitchens in the next week!”


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