Mum reveals hack to give her 30 minutes quick cleaning time – it’s cheap and easy, but really divided opinion | The Sun

A MUM has totally split the opinion after sharing how she gives herself 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.

Finding time to clean the home when you have kids running around is quite the mission -but one parent, Gabrielle Lynn Dunn, had come across an easy – and cheap – hack online.

According to the savvy parent, who had first seen another mum swear by this method, you only need to items – an old cardboard box, as well as some crayons or colour pencils.

The rest, she demonstrated in the video, is easy – she simply put her two toddlers in the massive box and let them draw all over the inside part.

As they were occupied with DIY art, the mum, who is now pregnant, was able to hoover with no interruptions.

The video, posted on Instagram by the the page @ParenthoodMagic, soon went viral, winning a whopping 27.7million views.

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But whilst Gabrielle may have been all chuffed with this tip, the cleaning hack left fellow social media users divided.

Some, like her, thought the idea was ''great'' and praised her – but others were more sceptical.

One reckoned: ''For those that say she is reinforcing their desire to write on the walls, I think you need to raise your expectations of your kids intelligence. Trust me.

''They can be taught the difference. And if not, either parenting needs to step up.. or there are deeper learning challenges which you can begin to work with.''

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''That’s thinking out of the box!'' A fan of the idea joked.

''My granny did this with me, except she threw in a whole crumpled up newspaper, I was like a happy little hamster!'' an Instagram user added, whilst others said they'd try the same with their pets.


Meanwhile, one person chimed in: ''Mine would either be eating the crayons or drawing on each other.''

''Mine still puts everything in his mouth I'm scared to do this,'' another mum said on TikTok.

The mum, who describes herself as sometimes ''funny'', regularly shares parenting-related content on TikTok.

Her page, @mrs.gabidunn, has won her more than 19k fans and her videos have been liked a whopping 2.2million times.

Some of her latest clips include updates on the 33-year-old's pregnancy journey, as well as life as a mum to multiple kids.

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