Mum reveals amazing hack to remove plasters without any pain – and it's so easy

GROWING up, we all remember the pain when our parents ripped off the plaster off our arms and legs – it hurt more than the injury itself.

Now, parents ourselves, we can only imagine the sheer fear in our children's eyes when they realise the plaster has to come off.

Luckily for us and our small ones, a savvy mum has figured out an easy way to remove it without causing any unnecessary discomfort and crying.

The TikTok mum-of-two, Z’Anni G., has posted many videos and hacks to help parents.

But the one that's attracted the most attention is her plaster trick – it's so simple you have to try it.


“Want to take off your babies plastersn off without tears and residue?''

“I gotcha!''

“The secret ingredient – petroleum jelly and q-tips.

If you've run out of Vaseline, the savvy mum claimed oil works just fine as well.

To ensure your baby is tear-free, first, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly before letting it sit for 1-2 minutes.

Once the time's up, Z'Anni said the plaster is safe to be peeled off – but make sure it's done gently.

Not only will there be no tears and sticky residue, your baby will also be left with extra smooth skin from the jelly – that's two in one!

For one mum, this hack couldn't have been timed any better: “Put me on then cause my shawty getting shots next week!''

Others suggested their tips, with one parent writing: “I bathe my baby with warm water and they come right off!''

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