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A MUM has been praised after she shared the clever hack she’d discovered to teach her little one to zip up their own jacket.

As she encouraged other parents to give it a go, she also revealed how to practice until they had mastered it – and people hailed the technique ‘genius’. 

Social media user Kristin shares videos about being a mum and handy hacks she’s learned along the way to help others

In one of her most recent videos, Kristin, who can be found on TikTok at @kristinmclaughlan, said that the tip had come well recommended. 

And since she started using it, she’s never looked back.

The American woman explained: “My best friend is a kindergarten teacher and she taught me the best hack to teach your toddler how to zip up their jacket.”

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Kristin continued to demonstrate the trick, as she put a tiny coat onto a cuddly toy and showed how it was done.

Taking hold of the zipper and beginning to drag it down, she explained: “So you tell them to ‘park the car.’

“So pull [the zipper] all the way down and park the car,” Kristin added as it clicked into place.

Reaching for the other side of the coat, specifically the metal clasp that you put into the zip to begin doing it up, Kristin went on to the next step.

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She said: “Then you get the ‘little man’ and you put him in the car.”

Once the ‘little man’ was safely in the ‘car’ – i.e the clasp was in the zip – it was time for the final, and most fun, part of the process.

Kristin pulled the zipper up quickly, as she concluded: “And then you go, ‘Vroom!’”  

The video, which has had over 8k likes, quickly attracted the attention of parents of toddlers who said they thought it was so clever. 

One wrote: “Such a smart way to teach! Vroooom!”

A second added: “So cute! Will definitely try this.”

A third typed: “I worked at a daycare and this is how we taught the kids.”

While a fourth added: “And practicing with a stuffed animal is genius!” 

Others also took the opportunity to share their own unique ways of teaching, and people had come up with some sweet alternatives.

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One explained: “That’s cool! I tell the kids to feed the alligator and chomp up.” 

As another suggested: “I teach to put the astronaut in the rocket ship and then blast off.”

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