Mum-of-seven reveals 'school bag station' to speed up her busy mornings and parents love it

ALL PARENTS know how manic it can be getting your kids ready for school in the morning.

But one mum – who has seven children to organise – has revealed how she's got her family into a seamless routine with a "school bag station" in her hallway.

Jenna Pierce, 26, shared a snap of the neatly-arranged set-up in her home showing how she has given each of her offspring a peg from which their school bag hangs, with school shoes and storage below.

To personalise the "station", the Australian mum added the first initial of each of her kids' names, and a picture of them, above their allotted hook.

Even better, to ensure her children can tell their identical footwear apart, they each have different coloured laces.

She has six of primary school age, with one at pre-school.

The mum told the Daily Mail how she had a basic routine for the eldest five – who were born between 2012 and 2015 – before she and her partner Chris welcomed two foster kids into the family last year.

Jenna said: "We have calculated that is 32 sandwiches a week, 32 pieces of fruit for fruit break, and recess on top of that.

"In previous years we have used Sunday each week to prepare all lunches and recess for the week.

"We make up big batches of potato salad, coleslaw, ham and cheese wraps and muffins and freeze them. 

"We pull out the next days worth of food the night before and pack their lunch boxes so it's less to do of a morning."

Jenna revealed that she plans out the week's family dinners on a whiteboard so she knows exactly which groceries to buy.

The mum added that when they get in from school they immediately put their bag back on the peg, return their shoes, change out of their uniform and hand over their lunch box.

She and Chris – who met in 2011 – work from youngest to eldest when it comes to showering and brushing teeth later in the evening.


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