Mum-of-four shares simple item she takes to restaurants so kids behave and have NO tantrums

GOING out for a meal with kids can be stressful – but one mum-of-four has come up with a clever way of ensuring there are no tantrums and she eats in peace. 

TikTok mum Shannon Doherty, who posts under @athomewithshannon, shared a video sharing her very simple hack. 

In a video captioned “Secrets to eating out from a mum of 4!”, she revealed how she always takes a fun pack for her kids to use at dinner. 

Inside each “emergency restaurant kit” are colouring books, pencils, books, card games and plenty to keep the kids occupied. 

There are also some practical items too, such as masks and plasters in case of any scrapes. 

She explained: “People always ask what is our secret to going to restaurants as a family-of-six.

“We bring emergency restaurant kits, we fill them with things we may need.

“My family is entertained and we can eat.”


Her video appears to have been a hit with fellow parents, as it has racked up 79,000 views. 

One mum raved: “Dinner is more fun with these activity kits. So much better than phones.”

Another added: “Such a good idea.”

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