Mum hits back after trolls savage her for 'dyeing' her six-year-old daughter's strawberry blonde hair | The Sun

A MUM has been savaged online after sharing how she apparently dyed her six-year-old daughter's hair.

Adrea took to her Instagram page to share a Reel of her little girl's hair transformation, as she explained: "For the record, I love Koti’s strawberry blonde her but she has been begging me to dye it for months and I just let my kids have whatever they want."

She showed how she applied the brown hair colour, left it to process and washed it out, before staging a "big reveal" at the end.

Looking delighted with her new 'do, Koti then gushed: "Oh my gosh, I look like Haven", referring to her brunette twin sister.

Adrea quickly found herself criticised in the comments section, with one person writing: "Why are you doing this? She is only six."

"Oh no! Why? 6 years old and already brown hair?" another added.

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"As a mother you should tell them to be happy with themselves!

"Her red hair made her special and it was so beautiful."

"I'm sorry but dying a 6 Yr old hair is not recommended from a professional hairdresser 28 yrs in the trade you don't dye baby hair," a third commented.

"Why? At six she should love her natural beauty. Disgusting," another slammed.

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"You’re gonna get a lot of crap for this online. It’s disgusting really," someone else wrote.

"That's dreadful, let her be a kid," another commented.

Adrea then returned to the comments section, as she explained: "Just FYI! This was meant to be a joke.

"We used a temporary mousse that washed out in 2 washes.

"And Koti had a blast pretending to be a brunette for a day."

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