Mum feeds family-of-four for £1.50 each a day and shares her monthly meal plan so you can too

A THRIFTY mum has revealed how she feeds her family-of-four for just £1.50 a day and has offered tips on how other families can do the same.

Mum-of-two Drew Smith said she wanted to help families who might be struggling with their budget, so she shared her exact meal plan for mums and dads to use.

Taking to the Feed Yourself for £1 a day Facebook group, Drew wrote: "So the last few weeks I've seen a lot of people struggling with their budget for feeding their families and asking for cheap meal ideas.

"It makes me a little sad that some people are really struggling so much so I want to try and help.

"I'm in no way master chef, but I like to do something close to a home cooked meal every day plus something fairly nutritional for lunches and breakfasts. I feed a family of 4 (2 adults 2 children) and I try to keep the cost down myself."

The thrifty mum put together a four week "standard meal plan"based onthe kind of foods her kids like.

She said: "I understand not everyone will like everything on this list and i know there's other ways of doing the meals I have put on here, I've simply done for the cheaper ways to help families that are struggling to have tasty meals for a cheaper price.

"I have also gone for the cheaper ingredients in most cases, so please no bashing, I'm Just hoping to help I also understand people have different size portions so i went for a general size that would feed my family."

Drew shared a snap of the organised meal plan as well as a complete shopping list for the month, which she says costs £164.25 for breakfast, lunches, desserts and dinners.

She based prices off Tesco online and said you could possibly find some items even cheaper if you shop around.

You will have given loads of folks hope that they can actually achieve it, and feed their family successfully on a tight budget.

Based off the meal plan, Drew said there will likely be leftover dinners to freeze that can go towards lunches on other days.

She also suggested bulking out the ingredients wherever you can, have a baking day once a week and pre-make desserts for the week ahead.

The detailed meal plan went down a treat with many members of the group who were incredibly thankful to Drew for sharing her tips.

"Thank you, your very kind, I'll be using your meal plan," one person wrote.

And another shared: "You will have given loads of folks hope that they can actually achieve it, and feed their family successfully on a tight budget."

A third added: "Wow! Super kind of you to share this. I’m definitely going to try your meal plan."

Drew also added that she's happy to helpanyone with recipe ideas, particularly those suggested in her meal plan.

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