Mrs Hinch reveals a quick & easy way to add extra storage under the bathroom sink – & it's a must for small spaces

MRS Hinch knows a thing or too when it comes to making the most out of the space in your home and her storage hacks are a firm favourite among fans.

When she's not revealing her latest cleaning tips and tricks, the social media star is revolutionising our interiors and her latest idea is a must for those with a small bathroom space.

Often there's always a bit of dead space underneath the bathroom sink and while can go pretty much unused, Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – has come up with the perfect solution using a simple piece of furniture.

If you thought shoe racks were for shoes, think again.

Snapping up an everyday wooden shoe rack from Amazon for a purse-friendly price of around £30-£40, Mrs Hinch added a chic yet practical touch to the bathrooms in her home.

Slotting the rack in underneath the sink, it provides an extra couple of shelves to house everything from plants and loo roll, to hand towels and wicker baskets full of soaps and products.

Sharing photos of the genius idea with her 4million followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch said: "Bathroom Shoe Racks ? I think they deserve a place on the grid because I bloomin love ‘em ? (sic).

"I bought them on Amazon guys and I now have one in the bathroom, en-suite, and cloakroom! Genius or madness who knows but Jamie definitely thinks I’ve lost it! Have a wonderful evening everyone #homehinchhome."

Her hack won the approval of her BFF Stacey Solomon who commented: "Love it soooooo much! Well done!!"

Fans were equally as impressed, with one person posting: "It’s a great idea. I’m going to get one for my bathroom."

Another said: "Love them, I bought one because I seen it on your stories. Spent far too long dressing it."

A third wrote: "Absolutely beautiful I love your hacks! Even if it was meant to be a shoe rack."

"Such a great idea! They look like they are made for the bathroom," added another fan.

Others were seen appreciating just how spick and span Mrs Hinch's bathrooms are, with one fan teasing: "I’D LOVE TO GO LAVVY IN THERE. IT LOOKS TOP NOTCH!"

Can't say we blame them.

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