Mrs Hinch fans reveal the 10p hack to clean your grubby air fryer in just ten minutes with ZERO scrubbing | The Sun

WE'VE all become obsessed with using our air fryer, but it also means it gets grubby petty quickly.

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have revealed a cheap hack to clean your air fryer without any scrubbing involved.

Over time your air fryer will get grubby with grease and small pieces of food stuck to the bottom.

And while you may have thought you would have to spend your time scrubbing it away there's a much simpler method you can use instead.

Mrs Hinch's army of cleaning fans have shared their top cleaning hack – using a dishwasher tablet.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks page, one woman wrote: “Anyone please help. How can I clean my air fryer?”


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And the cleaning sensation's fans were quick to offer their top tips with one costing just 10p.

Wendy Hodges commented: “I clean mine after every use I just put hot water in with soda crystals and leave for 10 minutes. 

“Pour it out, then put more water and soda crystals in and wipe it down with a sponge. After pour water out and dry.”

Vicki Owens said: “I use soda crystals and hot water, leave for 10 minutes then rinse. Amazing and it works so well with no scrubbing as scrubbing damages the Teflon.”

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Michelle Robinson wrote: “Soda crystals with boiling water, let it sit while you eat, then wash out with water and rinse job done.”

Callum Haynes said: “After every one to two uses, put a modest amount of soda crystals into it and fill halfway with boiling water (I just use the kettle). 

“Let it soak for about 10 minutes, then empty and use a soapy sponge and hot water from the tap to clean. Simple, I know, but works for me every time.”

Annie Geary commented: “Fill with water and pop a dishwasher tablet in it. Let it soak overnight and it will come up perfect.”

Mrs Hinch fans suggested a similar method that involves turning the appliance on while cleaning it with a dishwasher tablet.

Grace Currie said: “Dishwasher tablet and hot water for 10 minutes on, then scrub with washing up liquid when done.”

Rebecca Jimmy wrote: “Dishwasher tablet in some water and put it on 200 degrees for five minutes. Always comes up brand new.”

You can buy a bag of 40 dishwasher tablets from Tesco for £4, making the hack cost just 10p each time.

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