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As her mind veered between visions of life and death, she turned to her only source of solace — prayer — and in doing so, came to a decision: The baby’s life had to be saved.

Kadine Christie’s birth story is one that has been told to her time and again. She was born in the mountain town of Spalding, Jamaica, in the presence of two women: her mother, Lorna, and a stranger, Lurline, who was going into labor in the same open ward.

Lorna and Lurline were the first generation to have the option of giving birth in a hospital. They sat on adjacent beds — separated by a curtain, connected by their fear of childbirth.

This is a story that feels like fiction, but is far from it. It has high stakes, unexpected connections and a surprising ending. Something astonishing — even magical — was born in that maternity ward 40 years ago. Tune in to learn why Kadine’s birth story is also her love story.

Kadine (green shirt) with her daughter Zuri and godparents, Jeral and Lurline Christie. This was taken in June 2005 at her mother Lorna’s house in Florida. Kadine’s godparents became her in-laws in the fall of that same year.

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