Millennial Lilac Makeup Is A Pastel Dream & You’re Gonna See It Everywhere This Summer

I remember the days when millennial pink was the It Color. Light pink phone case, light pink outfits, light pink toilet paper (OK, maybe not that) — suffice it to say, the color was freaking everywhere. Now, I’m like, "Millennial pink, who???" Just as quickly as the pink craze began, another It Color has swooped in to steal the spotlight. Yes, millennial lilac is the next power pastel in the lineup, and TBH, you’ve probably already started seeing one iteration of this new color trend everywhere without even realizing it. Millennial lilac makeup has already made its swift entrance onto the beauty scene, and might I just say… she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Obviously, the lilac love being thrown around didn’t start overnight. Rather, the color crept in slowly on many a runway, as most trends do. Toward the end of 2017, as designers began showing collections for Spring 2018, many luxe fashion brands, from Valentino to Michael Kors to Max Mara, showcased the pastel hue in their collections, whether in accessories, in shoes, or in full-blown shirts, dresses, tops, and pants. But the lilac obsession didn’t even stop there. Even more fashion houses eventually brought millennial lilac makeup looks to life in their collections.


Move over, millennial pink. It’s millennial lilac’s time to shine — literally.

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