Meghan’s makeup artist reveals she uses YouTube videos for beauty inspiration

MEGHAN Markle's makeup artist has revealed that she watches YouTube videos as inspiration for her flawless beauty looks.

Daniel Martin, who has known the Duchess of Sussex for over a decade, said the ex-actress even orders him to analyse clips off the video sharing site to learn the hottest new techniques.

Meghan, 37, is said to scour the internet for beauty related videos to get inspiration for her natural makeup looks, and is always looking for new tricks to improve her beauty regime.

Makeup artist Daniel, from Seattle, told Grazia magazine: "She makes me go on YouTube to learn about things. She'll be like, 'I follow this person and they did it this way'."

And it's not the first time the expectant mother, 37, has used modern methods to keep herself up to date with the newest trend.

Daniel previously revealed that he and the Duchess conducted a makeup trial for her wedding day over text message, before completely the look for the first time on her big day.

He told Harper's Bazaar: "I knew exactly what she wanted and the day of the wedding was just us getting together and doing her makeup like usual."

Daniel, who works as an ambassador for Dior, opted for a natural look for Meghan due to the different lighting situations – both inside and outside the chapel.

He added: "If I started heavier, as she got into the church her makeup would have looked a lot darker than when you see it in natural light. It was also noon, when the light is at it's highest."

The beauty guru sparked intense speculation last week over the royal's due date after posting on Instagram about his upcoming travel plans.

At the beginning of April, though to be the month the Duchess is due, the New York based makeup artist was seen in London, before heading to the residence she shares with Prince Harry, 34, in Windsor.

Royal fans were quick to suggest the artist had flown in to do Meghan's makeup following the birth of her first child for her first official photo shoot with the baby.

He also revealed that he wouldn't be flying home to New York until May 5, further setting off the rumour mill that Meghan will soon be giving birth.

However, it looks like the royal couple won't be revealing anything – as they already released a statement last week explaining they won't be sharing any of their plans about the birth. Watch this space!

In other news, Royal fans think Meghan Markle is deliberately 'holding in' the baby to not offend the Queen on her 93rd birthday.

Previously we told you how Baby Sussex could have been "induced" by Good Friday's Pink Moon.

And the Duke and Duchess have already "hired a maternity nurse" to look after newborn who will then "hand over to a manny".

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