Meghan Markle would have never been allowed to wear this T-shirt before

Meghan Markle isn’t afraid to get behind a cause, and her (and by extension Prince Harry‘s) newfound independence away from life as an official working royal means that she is able to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to making a political statement. A liberty that would have never been afforded to her in her former life as an ‘active’ HRH. 

In a series of photos shared by Archewell’s president Mandana Dayani on Instagram, the Duchess of Sussex was seen wearing an all black ensemble, with a t-shirt emblazoned with arabic writing. The shirt says “Women, Life, Freedom” (or Woman, Life, Liberty) a popular political slogan used in the Kurdish independence movement and which aims to recognize the importance of women. 

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“Women. Life. Freedom. Allies have shown up in so many forms over the past month since the death of Mahsa Amini. I am so grateful to work with incredible women like Meghan and my fellow Iranian colleague and friend, Ashley Momtaheni, as we continue to highlight the bravery and courage of the women and young girls on the frontlines of one of the most important feminist movements of our lives,” Mandana explained in her caption, “At an event today, Meghan spoke about the revolution being led by women and young girls in Iran, the courage and bravery they show every day, and their leadership and advocacy of basic human rights: women, life, freedom. As an Iranian woman who fled her home country in pursuit of these very freedoms, I could not have been more grateful for how she chooses, again and again, to advocate for women around the world. Proud day at Archewell, and especially for me and Ashley Momtaheni.”

Meghan posed with Archewell’s president Mandana Dayani at the event

Following the controversial and highly-politicised death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, the slogan on Meghan’s T-shirt has been used by protestors globally in both the original Kurdish form as well as in Persian. French daily newspaper Libération printed the slogan in both Persian and French on its front page along with a photograph of unveiled Iranian women protesting.

Iran introduced a mandatory dress code for women, in accordance with their interpretation of Islamic standards, a short time after the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The death of Mahsa Amini in a hospital in Tehran, came after she was arrested for not wearing the hijab in accordance with government standards. According to eyewitnesses, including the women who were detained with her, she was severely beaten by the police. In response women across the globe have been protesting, cutting their hair and removing their hijabs in retaliation for the police brutality Mahsa suffered. 

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The T-shirt Meghan wears is by Toronto based studio K & R World Design, who make a range of personalised items which are sold on Etsy. Meghan clearly understands the impact of sending a message through clothing, and the T-shirt brought a renewed awareness of the Mahsa Amini case.

Meghan’s Mahsa Amini T-shirt:

Mahsa Amini T-shirt, £30.09, Etsy


Keeping the outfit tonal, keeping focus on the message of the T-shirt Meghan paired the top with couture crepe wool-blend trousers from Valentino. “Part of Valentino’s Crepe Couture collection, these pressed trousers are tailored from wool and silk-blend, framed with a pair of Roman Studs at the high-rise waist,” the brand explains.

Valentino Crepe Trousers, £1,100, Valentino


Meghan wore the outfit during a panel talk at Spotify’s women led event ‘[email protected]’ which is an employee-led group that fosters inclusivity and builds community. An attendee of the private event, confirmed to HELLO! that Meghan had spoken at the event on feminist issues. During her talk, Meghan praised the “courage” of the protesters in Iran, who have been protesting since 16 September.

We can’t wait to see what message she sends next. 

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