Meghan Markle May Wear “Something Borrowed” From Princess Diana

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring already has diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection, but with the future royal’s wedding quickly approaching (it’s on May 19, folks!), she reportedly will wear something else of Lady Di’s for the big day. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Markle’s “something borrowed” could be another piece of the late princess’ jewelry.

“Harry made sure Diana wasn’t forgotten on the day of his engagement,” she said in an interview with Express. “Two of the diamonds in Meghan’s ring are from Diana’s personal collection. So I think there’s every possibility that Meghan might wear a piece from Diana’s jewelry collection on her wedding day.”

Although the Spencer Tiara is one of the most well-known pieces from the princess’ collection, jewelry writer Ella Kay told Town & Country it’s “unlikely” that Markle will wear it. “I think it’s unlikely, because Meghan is marrying into the Windsor family, not the Spencer family, so if she borrows a tiara, I think it will reflect her new royal status,” Kay said.

Another tiara the late princess was fond of was the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. Kate Middleton has worn it on formal occasions, although she opted for the Cartier Halo tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s collection for her wedding. That piece, however, is also out of the running for what Markle might wear.

However, Princess Diana had quite an extensive jewelry collection, so if Markle does, in fact, borrow a piece for the big day, it’s safe to say she’ll have no shortage of sparkly options.

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