Meghan Markle latest news – Duchess BRUTALLY mocked on TV for cringe reading of The Bench as hosts break down in giggles

MEGHAN Markle has been mocked for reading her book, The Bench, by Australian TV hosts who took to poke fun at the Duchess on live television.

Meghan read her children's book The Bench on a children's YouTube story channel on Wednesday.

She took to her mansion garden in Montecito, California to film the clip.

However, Sunrise hosts Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon, and Alex Cullen did not seem impressed by the Duchess of Sussex as they could be heard laughing as they played the video.

Karl admitted he found it was "really hard to keep a straight face" while watching.

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  • Milica Cosic


    Meghan Markle has been mocked, as an Aussie TV hosts burst into laughter at the Duchess reading her book.

    The Sunrise Australia hosts burst into laughter as they viewed a video of the Duchess of Sussex reading her children's book The Bench.

    Her performance did not win over Sunrise hosts Karl Stefanovic, Allison Langdon and Alex Cullen, who could be heard laughing as they played the video of the Duchess of Sussex live.

  • Milica Cosic

    A desperate plea

    Prince Charles has told world leaders they need to cast their differences aside "in order to rescue this planet", ahead of this weekend's COP26 summit.

    The UN climate change summit, which begins on Saturday, is being hosted by the UK in Glasgow.

    Prince Charles is due to give an opening address to the nearly 200 heads of state who will be in attendance, following the news that the Queen will no longer be attending the summit after an overnight stay in hospital.

    The Prince of Wales said: "By working together we can actually address our global issues and never more important than now, when it seems to me we need to bury our differences in order to rescue this planet and everything it means, this miraculous planet, for the future of generations to come.

    "As I said recently, I totally understand the frustration and despair of so many young people that these issues are taking too long to be properly addressed so we hope at Cop26 there will be progress.

    "As world leaders prepare to head to Glasgow next week, where we will be looking for them to take genuine steps to address climate change and biodiversity loss, it is particularly gratifying I think to see that the British Council is pursuing programmes like the climate connection which encourages innovative climate action."

  • Milica Cosic

    No space in the diary

    The Queen’s diary is to be “carefully examined” up until Christmas and next year, after her doctors imposed strict orders to rest.

    Royal sources say they have been instructed to take a “careful and cautious approach” to Her Majesty’s diary in the future.

    Palace officials will create engagements for the Queen based on how she is feeling and whether she needs to travel.

    It is understood that there will be an “ever greater collaboration” between senior members of the royal family on future engagements, reports The Mirror.

    A royal source told the publication: “The senior royals as a unit have collectively discussed a greater need for collaboration in their projects together, whether that is explicitly working on the same topic or supporting each other on an ad-hoc basis, different plans will be drawn up to the ones that currently exist.

    “After the coronavirus restrictions have ended they all feel the need to get out and do more.

    “The Queen is aware of the need to rest and that is what she is doing now.

    “No doubt she will be back when she feels ready.”

  • Milica Cosic

    The Queen's extreme disappointment

    The Sun understands the monarch, a keen horsewoman and avid racing fan, has not been out on a nag since her summer break in Scotland.

    A Balmoral source said: “She was in quite a bit of discomfort. She adores riding and it has been part of her ritual for most of her life.

    "She has been extremely disappointed not to go riding since the beginning of September.”

    But royal insiders insist the Queen has refused to give up her favourite pursuit and plans to return after rest and recuperation.

  • Milica Cosic

    A rather tough year

    The monarch had 295 engagements during 2019 – and has pursued a punishing schedule following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, carrying out 120 official appointments in 194 days.

    • February/March – Harry & Meghan made Megxit official with an explosive Oprah interview claiming the family did not support Meghan and questioned Archie’s skin colour
    • April – The loss of her beloved husband Philip who died aged 99
    • August/September – Prince Andrew hides with his mother at Balmoral to avoid summons over allegations of sleeping with a 17-year-old trafficking victim
    • September – Prince Charles’ key aid is forced to step down over allegations the charity lobbied for honours for key donors
    • October – The Queen’s declining health means she has had to spend nights in hospital and will be forced to miss the COP26 summit

    Albert taking twins to COP26

    The Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert has announced his six-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, will accompany him at the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

    This is while Princess Charlene remains in South Africa.

    Albert told People magazine he “didn’t want to leave them alone” in Monaco as Charlene remained in South Africa after her long term illness preventing her from returning home.

    The prince also confirmed that the twins will want to do their own things during the visit, saying: “They will have their own agenda… visits to museums and little places of interest.”

    Back in good spirits

    The Queen is determined to return to horse riding despite being forced to stop until spring, it's reported.

    Her Majesty, 95, was forced to give up her favourite pastime two months ago after suffering “discomfort”.

    She was told to rein in her equestrianism in early September but is determined to be back in the saddle again soon.

    The royal monarch stayed overnight in hospital last Wednesday, before returning to Windsor Castle to recuperate.

    The Queen has also pulled out of next week's COP26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow where she had been due to host a reception for world leaders.

    A royal source told The Mirror: “The Queen is sad she can not get out on her horse, which is one of her favourite pastimes, but she is resting and taking every precaution to get back to full fitness.

    "However she is very determined to be back riding as soon as possible and in no way does she feel her riding days are behind her.”

    Living next to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

    The plush pad next door to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s mansion appears to have sold for a whopping £14million.

    The staggering sum has bought the mystery buyer a mansion in an exclusive celeb enclave, next door to the royal couple.

    The seven-bed, 13-bathroom estate was originally on sale for a cool $22.5million (about £16.3million) in March this year (2021).

    But it has since sold for the reduced price of $19,100,000 (about £14million), according to

    Harry and Meghan’s Chateau of Riven Rock pad is visible behind trees on the estate in aerial photos shared online by the US real estate agent.

    Wills & Kate boosting their profile

    Royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous that: “William and Kate have always been very popular in the US but have not been there for some time so they will want to boost their profile and next year, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, would be a golden opportunity.”

    Phil also said the chances of William and Kate staying in the Sussexes’ £11million Santa Barbara mansion are slim.

    He added: “If they stayed with Harry it would turn into a circus and also be a security nightmare, taking attention away from the green cause, so I expect William and Kate to concentrate on their efforts and not meet up with them.”

    • Milica Cosic

      Who's stealing who's thunder?

      Kate Middleton & William are unlikely to meet Harry & Meghan at the Earthshot Prize in the US as they could ‘steal their thunder’.

      The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were the king and queen of green as they awarded the winners of a £50million planet saving prize earlier this month.

      Speaking at a reception afterwards, William said: “We raised the bar — now over to the US.”

      Royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous that it would be a “logical step” for William and Kate to attend the ceremony across the pond in 2022 – where Meghan and Harry have set up their new life.

      However, Phil added that any chance of a reconciliation between the two couples is unlikely.

      He explained: “I don’t think William and Kate would want to meet up with Harry and Meghan, who could try and steal their thunder on the earth shot project.

      “They are very much rivals now, not brothers in arms, and I’m afraid I can’t see a reconciliation soon.”

    • Milica Cosic

      They've all got the same thing to say

      Bot Sentinel, a free platform using AI to analyse data, claims to have found 83 accounts with a total of 187,631 followers on Twitter that regularly shared ’70 per cent’ of the criticism of the Duchess of Sussex

      Bot Sentinel, which is a free platform using AI to analyse data, studied a sample of 114,000 tweets written about the Sussexes since January 2020 to track the negativity spread about the couple on social media.

      January 2020 saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announce their decision of stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family.

      The analysis by Bot Sentinel also identified 55 accounts used to spread negative content about the Duchess of Sussex as well as 28 secondary accounts that “amplified” the main accounts.

      The report says the 83 accounts had a total of 187,631 followers on Twitter.

      Twitter has commented on this, saying it was “actively investigating the information and accounts” mentioned in the report.

    • Milica Cosic

      The invisible man

      Prince Andrew will be pulled from all Platinum Jubilee events after a US court set a deadline for the sex abuse case close to the Queen’s 70-year celebrations.

      The Duke of York will not even appear with Her Majesty and senior royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for an RAF flypast.

      Andrew, 61, who has stepped down from royal duties, will be kept away from all events next summer.

      A source said: “The plan is for him to be invisible during celebrations.”

      Paedo Jeffrey Epstein’s former sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre is suing the duke for sexual assault, including rape in the first degree, in 2001 when she was 17.

    • Milica Cosic

      Royals news you may have missed from the week

      • This was the rare moment Kate Middleton ‘rolled her eyes’ & lost composure after she was scolded at royal event.
      • And William used to smother Harry in kisses as a young boy and showed him off proudly like his ‘favourite toy’.
      • Plus Meghan Markle ‘may restart lifestyle blog’ and it could be bigger than Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, expert claims.

      The Queen’s tough year

      The monarch had 295 engagements during 2019 – and has pursued a punishing schedule following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death, carrying out 120 official appointments in 194 days.

      • February/March – Harry & Meghan made Megxit official with an explosive Oprah interview claiming the family did not support Meghan and questioned Archie’s skin colour
      • April – The loss of her beloved husband Philip who died aged 99
      • August/September – Prince Andrew hides with his mother at Balmoral to avoid summons over allegations of sleeping with a 17-year-old trafficking victim
      • September – Prince Charles’ key aid is forced to step down over allegations the charity lobbied for honours for key donors
      • October – The Queen’s declining health means she has had to spend nights in hospital and will be forced to miss the COP26 summit

      Who’s going to walk them now?

      It has been reported that The Queen is still unable to go for her daily walk with her dogs almost a week after being told to rest by doctors.

      The 95-year-old monarch is known to enjoy walking her dogs on the grounds of her Windsor estate, with the daily walks being a “tonic”.

      But The Queen is following doctors’ orders to rest after undergoing preliminary tests and spending a night in a private London hospital last week.

      It is said that the Queen has been taking the orders seriously while undertaking some “light duties” at Windsor Castle.

      • Milica Cosic

        Slowing it down

        ROYAL expert Russell Myers said on the Lorraine show that royal family members are keen for the Queen to slow down.

        Speaking to Lorraine he said “She’s not going anywhere anytime soon, she’s definitely not going to step down.”

        “I think we just need to look after her health and the family feel quite strongly about that.”

      • Milica Cosic

        A touching nod to Princess Diana

        Yesterday, Meghan Markle took a leaf out of Her Majesty‘s book and paid touching tribute to her late mother-in-law.

        The mum-of-two sat down in the garden of her LA mansion and was filmed reading her children’s book The Bench for the YouTube channel Brightly Storytime.

        Opting for a more casual look, the 40-year-old paired her oversized blue shirt with a jeans and styled her hair back in a low bun.

        Along with her minimal gold necklace and £3750 Cartier Love bracelet, the Duchess also wore a matching watch which once belonged to Princess Diana.

        The dainty gold Cartier watch is believed to have been a gift from Diana’s father for her 21st birthday and is estimated to be worth £17,800.

      • Milica Cosic

        ‘At risk of dilution’ after a new deal?

        PRINCE Harry and Meghan are at risk of ‘diluting their brand’ after they have signed a new deal.

        The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have forged a number of lucrative deals since stepping down from royal life, including multimillion-dollar partnerships with Netflix, Spotify and Apple.

        Their most recent venture, “impact partners” and investors at sustainable investing firm Ethic.

        However, Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin has suggested the pair might “deplete their value” by “spreading themselves around so much”.

        Jo Elvin asked: “So they seem good at attracting attention to these companies.

        “But the more they spread it around, doesn’t that deplete their value for these companies?”

      • Milica Cosic

        A ‘sensible precaution’

        Queen Elizabeth’s decision not to attend the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next week was a “sensible precaution”.

        Her Majesty said she hoped it would not be used by others as a reason to miss the event, a Palace source said on Tuesday.

        The queen remained in good spirits and was expecting a call with Britain’s finance minister this evening, as is the norm before the budget statement on Wednesday, the source added. 

      • Milica Cosic

        Forking out millions on Andrew

        The Firm came under fire when it was revealed the Queen is paying Andy’s legal fees from her Duchy of Lancaster income.

        Her Majesty has reportedly been forking out millions on her son’s legal battle since the start of 2020,  just after his disastrous interview on Newsnight with Emily Maitlis. 

        Andrew claimed he had “no recollection of ever meeting” Virginia and said of her claims: ”I can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened.”

        The 61-year-old also said he has no memory of the renowned photograph of him and Virginia with his arm around her waist.

      • Milica Cosic

        Changing gear

        A royal expert has said that the Queen could see a “gear change” in her work going forward with staff looking at what engagements she really needs to be at in future.

        Royal editor Roya Nikkhah has said the Queen’s packed public and private diary has “obviously left her pretty tired”.

        She added: “And it’s not just the travel – it’s also being on. It’s also entertaining and hosting world leaders, talking to them about climate change and all of that – I think the feeling probably is that’s just a little bit too much at the moment until she’s back to full strength.

        “I think there will be a reassessment and possibly a slight gear change in the kind of work the Queen does, the distances she travels, but I don’t think we will see – all being well, if the Queen is able to continue with public duties as we hope that she will be – I think we will still see her out and about as much as she and her doctors feel she can – but I think there will be a gear change, and her private secretaries and her diary secretaries looking at engagements that come in and thinking what does Her Majesty the Queen really need to be at, and what does she feel she really can do. So I think there will be a constant review going forwards now.”

      • Milica Cosic

        ‘Her days of eating at Sizzler were laughable’

        MEGHAN Markle has been criticised by a Republican congressman after her “laughable” attempt to enter US politics with an open letter.

        Missouri Representative Jason Smith has demanded the royal family should strip the Duchess of her title after she signed the letter “Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.”

        Congressman Smith told the MailOnline: “Ms. Markle’s latest interference in U.S. politics reignites the question in my mind as to why the Royal Family does not simply strip her and Harry officially of their titles, particularly since she insists on sending this under the pretence of being the Duchess of Sussex.”

        He continued: “While her attempts at appealing to working class families by recalling her days of eating at Sizzler were laughable, her comments make crystal clear that the passage of this massive tax-and-spend bill is aimed more at helping global elites get huge tax breaks than helping the working families she claims to have dined with.”

      • Milica Cosic

        Are the skeletons in the closet emerging?

        Biographer Tom Bower says Meghan Markle must communicate to stop ‘skeletons in the closet’ emerging and needs to talk to her dad and brother if she wants them to stop speaking out about her.

        Meghan has had a strained relationship with her father Thomas and the pair have not spoken for almost four years.

        He has also claimed that Meghan had “changed” since meeting Harry saying she had never cut him off before.

        Tom Bower told told Closer magazine : “She and her father had a very different relationship – growing up, they were really very close. She was really family-orientated when she was younger, but she seems to have completely erased memories of that and disowned him.

        “Similarly, she cut off her ex-husband when her career started taking off. She seems to me to be a very ambitious, unforgiving person.”

        He continued to say: “But I think, much to her dismay, more will come out. I think Thomas is keeping some things back and that he has a lot of embarrassing stuff on her. There are skeletons in the closet and, when provoked, I think the secrets could all come out.

        “She needs to stop the men from her past doing this to her. So if she wants this to stop, she needs to communicate. It’s what should have been done years ago; Meghan should have communicated with her father, in person or over the phone. She seems to be hoping he’ll just go away, but he won’t!”

      • Milica Cosic

        Major overseas tour since pandemic

        Prince Charles’ office has revealed that he will be heading to Egypt and Jordan next month

        It will be the first overseas tour by a senior member of the royal family since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

        Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin in the middle of November.

        The Prince’s twitter account released the following statement.

        “Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin on Nov. 16.

        “The tour will focus on the climate crisis and will explore how leaders can implement commitments following COP26.”

      • Joseph Gamp

        Queen pictured smiling broadly during video link

        THE Queen has been pictured smiling broadly for the first time since it was announced she'd been forced to back out of the COP26 summit on doctors' orders.

        Buckingham Palace revealed on Tuesday that Her Majesty won't be travelling to Scotland for the meeting – as she's been advised to rest.

        The decision sparked further concern for the monarch's health after she was hospitalised for 'preliminary tests' last week.

        However, in a new photo issued by the Palace tonight, the Queen looked cheerful as she gave a virtual audience earlier this week.

        Wearing a pretty floral dress and pearl necklace, she smiled brightly as she presented David Constantine with the Gold Medal for Poetry via videolink.

        The monarch has already hosted two virtual audiences at Windsor this week, both of which were on Tuesday.

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