Meet Emma & Chloé: The Jewelry Subscription Box With a French Girl Twist

Picking out the right jewelry can be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of options out there. That’s why we were thrilled to learn about Emma & Chloé, a jewelry subscription box inspired by all French women and their many styles. We spoke with Maxime Damagnez, the CEO of the brand, to learn more about how Emma & Chloé came to be, and how the team selects pieces for customers.

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POPSUGAR: How was Emma & Chloé created?
Maxime Damagnez: The story of Emma & Chloé began in 2012, in Paris. Frédéric, our founder, a fashion and design enthusiast, was observing his surroundings to find that women were having a hard time finding original and accessible jewelry. Yet France was full of talented creators who would love being offered a place to express themselves. And at this moment right there, Frédéric knew that Emma & Chloé would be like no other.

He drew inspiration from the women of his life and often thought of Emma, his grandmother, who had taught him so much. And then one day, by a happy coincidence, he learnt at the corner of a conversation that Emma had been the most given name in France that year. A sign ? It did not take more to decide it. So that would be Emma, and then Chloe, the most-awarded middle name. He would then have the feeling of reaching out to every women, from any generation.

PS: How do you find the French designers you work with?
MD: Every month our team travels across France in search of the little gems. We look for inspiration and creativity, we listen, we touch. It’s a journey to discover the best of French design, which never ceases to amaze us. We always come back with an exciting find that we can’t wait to share with our customers! We take special care in preparing your curated piece of jewelry.

PS: What kind of woman would love an Emma & Chloé subscription?
MD: Emma & Chloé is for all women, and for the incredible diversity and facets of their personalities. We try to curate all kinds of designers celebrating women and their diversity, with a French, effortless elegance! Our jewelry is just like the women who wear it: charming and enchanting.

PS: What jewelry trends will be big for 2019?
MD: Stacking was the rising trend this year, with customers looking to add up multiple piece on their wrists, necks and fingers. We want to take this idea even further next year: bringing engraving and customization to the next level!

PS: Do you have any exciting updates for the company in the coming year?
MD: L’Atelier Emma & Chloé is our new brand we recently launched in France and we are really excited to bring to the US! We are working with a collective of independent French designers (some with whom we have featured in the box) in order to design unique capsule collections. Each collection pays tribute to different styles and women: les singulières, les particulières, les légendaires, les hédonistes, etc.

The romantics, the bolds, and the mysterious will find their match. The secret will be to combine and to arrange the pieces you have set your eyes on. We want you to express your own character and find your own voice.

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