Me & my mate dressed up as a boy to spy on my friend’s boyfriend in a nightclub & even girls tried to chat us up

MANY of us have fantasised about spying on our other halves or our friends just to see what they get up to on a night out.

While most people wouldn't have the guts to do it, two young women decided to give it a go and disguised themselves as lads on a night on the town.

Megan, from the UK, revealed on TikTok that she and her friend decided to spy on her mate's boyfriend while he was at the club.

They took the role seriously, transforming themselves to look like any lad on a night out.

Ditching their usual glam makeup, they sported fake stubble, gilets, glasses and a baseball cap.

The pair got into character, looking at women's Instagram profiles while driving to the venue.


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At the club, Megan and her friend managed to fool everyone, including the boys they were spying on and a group of girls.

Megan said: "Me and the bro pulled some b****es."

The hilarious video also has clips of the pair dancing in the club and hanging out with their friend's boyfriend.

The savvy pair were able to go unnoticed all night until they told people who they were.

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Megan wrote: "Honestly was jokes no one recognised us until we told them it was us."

When the ruse was over the girls quickly took off their stubble and beards in the club, confident their work was done.

Viewers couldn't get enough of the video, which went viral with over 1.7 million views.

One wrote: "Every girl needs friends like you."

"Funniest thing ever," laughed another user.

A third commented: "Omg this is an elite way of thinking, bet the night was hilarious."

"How do u explain this to the bouncer," questioned a fourth user.

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