Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show inspires people to declutter and share before-and-after photos of their VERY tidy homes on Twitter

And thanks to Marie Kondo's new Netflix series, which debuted on New Year's Day, viewers all over the planet have been inspired to clean up their act, sharing impressive before-and-after photos along the way.

To follow Marie's organised approach, viewers of the show were required to sieve through all of their belongings and only hold onto the items that "spark joy".

Marie, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, encourages followers to organise by category – i.e. clothes, DVDs – instead of by location or room.

Many viewers were inspired to transform their own spaces and over the last few days, Twitter has been filled with before-and-after photos from fans gushing about Marie's method.

One wrote: "@MarieKondo you would be so proud! Decluttered closet by 60% and hall towels by 50%."

While another posted a very organised sock drawer and said: "Yesterday I spent my first day of the year watching Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series and I’m not sorry!

"So far it’s inspired me to rearrange my [socks]…not sorry!"

One viewer seemed very happy with himself and tweeted: "Just reorganised my T-shirt drawer.

"Oh yeah. Who wants to touch me?"

Many users posted progress images, including heaps of clothes piled on beds and furniture.

One posted a selfie sat among the chaos, captioned: "Pro tip: don't try to marie kondo your closet on a weeknight."

While another said: "LOL this isn’t even all of it.

"I think I would actually break Marie Kondo."

One even revealed she had ripped the doors off her wardrobe, because they "do not spark joy".

"Am KonMari-ing, and I decided that closet doors DO NOT spark joy so guess who just removed their closet doors," she explained.

She later posted progress photos of her wardrobe, revealing she wasn't "messing around in 2k19".

Another explained she'd been inspired to tidy up and organise her food cupboard as well as three wardrobes, six drawers and an entire office.

"I watched 2 episodes of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix today," she said.

"I then cleaned out & organized my pantry, six kitchen drawers, our home office & three closets.

"Every human in the house has been notified that if they mess w/ my spark they shall face my wrath."

You can catch up with Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix now.

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