Man calls mate a hatfish & says he gets caught out when security tells him no hats allowed but others aren’t convinced | The Sun

A MAN who branded his mate a 'hatfish' has caused a stir online – with many left swooning over what his pal looks like without a cap.

Corey Jay (@coreyjay_) shared a video where he explained how his good pal always gets caught out when security tells him no hats allowed on a night out.

In the clip shared to TikTok, his 'hatfish' mate can be seen standing there in a white cap, before Corey quips: "When the security tells your mate no hats allowed."

Moments later, an amusing song can be heard playing in the background with lyrics that say: "On a scale from 1-10 my friend, you're f****ed."

The friend then removes his cap to reveal his bald head underneath – but many people were quick to disagree with Corey and instead noted how the friend looked even more attractive without it.

Corey captioned the post: "This happens too often."


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The video quickly went viral, garnering over 793k views and endless comments – with may left swooning over Corey's friend, both with and without the cap.

"Bro a 10/10 with and without the hat," enthused one.

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A second commented: "He looks fit without the hat lol."

A third penned: "Not many people look better without a hat but he does."

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Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "Asking for a friend is he single."

Another wrote: Not necessarily! I’m not into bald guys, but I wouldn’t say no to him."

A further added: "Hat fishing should be a crime. I said what I said."

And one more praised: "He suits the baldness!! Pulls it off!"

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