Make your Christmas wrapping a whole lot easier… using just a cable tie

WHEN it comes to Christmas, wrapping presents is arguably the most tedious part.

After all, the wrapping lasts for literally two seconds – after which point it's ripped off in a frenzy by children desperate to get into their presents.

Some people rely on sticky tabs or sellotape cutters to help them through the process, but TikTok user Dipped Tampa has come up with a novel new way to make wrapping headache-free – and all you need is a cable tie.

In a video shared to TikTok, a cable tie is seen being place around one side of the roll of tape, before being secured and cut with a pair of scissors.

The result is that the top part of the cable tie is shaped into a sharp point, which serves as a cutter for the rest of the tape.

The video continues with Dipped Tampa pulling out another section of tape, before using the cable tie point to sever it and use in the wrapping.

The hack was welcomed by fans on TikTok, with one writing: "This is so genius!"

Another person commented, "That's an awesome hack," while a third wrote, "I have to try this!"

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